Choosing the best Tile Saw

Hand Saws
Hand Saws

Great for long length tile and stone cutting (i.e. slabs). Some models can be mounted with a curved diamond blade design to make cutouts for sink installation. Guide rail systems are available for accurate straight cutting.

Hand Saws
Plunge Cut

Conventional style saw with a wide range of cutting options. These saws have a sliding cart and a plunging head assembly. Some models have built in miter features, while others require the use of "miter blocks". provide precision cuts, allowing you to dial in consistent results and maintain a high level of production.

Hand Saws
Rail Saws

Rail saws are ideal for cutting large format tile and stone. Most modern rail saws include plunge cut and miter cut features giving the user more versatility.

Tile CuttersTile Saws
Price$ - $$$$$ - $$$$
PortabilityNo water needed / Minimal dust debrisHarder to move / High mess potential
Cut QualityEven the best tile cutters can result in chipped edgesA very clean cut is obtainable when using a quality diamond blade AND technique
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