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What Is the Best Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tile?

What Is the Best Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tile?
January 31, 2022

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When shopping for blades for your tile saw, the first thing most people notice is the variety of blade options available. Although you can get away with specific blades for cutting multiple materials, porcelain and ceramics require special attention. Find out how to choose the right tile saw blade for cutting your porcelain tiles, how to take care of your blades, and how to avoid wearing them out prematurely.

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Why You Need Specific Blades for Porcelain

Although the wet saw is not the only tool you can use for cutting porcelain tiles, it is by far the best choice because it allows you to make the most precise and clean cuts. If you’re going to use a saw for cutting porcelain or ceramic tiles, the first thing you need to understand is that these materials require their own blades. Saw blades designed to cut through other materials, such as wood or particleboard, are unsuitable for porcelain and ceramics because they wear out very quickly.

By nature, porcelain is a hard yet brittle material, with a tendency to chip easily. Cutting through this material generates a lot of friction, which, in turn, creates a lot of heat. Consequently, the best way to cut a porcelain tile yourself is to use a wet tile saw or tile cutter with large-diameter diamond tile blades. These blades feature industrial-grade diamond filaments embedded into the side of each blade. They can cut through rock, stone, bricks, and ceramic materials like porcelain.

The purpose of the water in a wet cutter is to prevent blades from overheating, allowing you to work longer and preserve the life of your cutting blades. Overheated blades cause the diamond filaments to deteriorate, leaving only the unassisted metal to cut into the material. This increases friction and generates heat, eventually ruining the blade.

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Top Choices for Cutting Porcelain Tiles

Although there is no shortage of choices when shopping for diamond saw blades, choosing the right product for your project is crucial. Some of the best tile cutters include:

Rubi 7" Porcelain Pro Diamond Blade

If you need the best saw blades for home and professional tile cutting, Rubi is one of the best brands on the market. The Rubi Porcelain Pro is a 7" / 180mm blade purpose-designed for wet cutters, compatible with standard ⅝" arbors. It is an ideal choice for cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles at home and other stone materials, such as granite and marble. 

Its thick core and continuous rim design help ensure clean, chip-free cuts with perfectly straight lines, even in high-intensity applications. The top-quality diamond matrix provides a long blade life, letting you complete your project without frequent blade replacement. Although it is one of the most affordable diamond blades you can buy today, you get excellent value for your money due to the blade’s durability and cutting efficiency. 

CD Products PT-18 10" Pure Platinum Diamond Blade

The CD Products PT-78 Pure Platinum is a 10" diamond blade bringing professional-grade, high-speed cutting capability to your home without breaking the bank. This 10" / 250mm blade is compatible with standard-size ⅝" arbors, features a rim height of 8mm, and supports up to 6,200 RPM. It features precision laser-cut slots and a thick, high-quality diamond matrix for the cleanest cuts in the toughest materials.

In addition to being an excellent choice on porcelain and ceramic, you can also use the Pure Platinum on marble and most granites with good results. For maximum performance, use a Solid Gold dressing stone to sharpen and hone the blade’s cutting edge. These excellent resin dressing stones bring the life and cutting power back into your worn blades, allowing you to get the most out of each.

DeWalt eXtended Performance 10” Wet Porcelain Blade

This DeWalt XP (eXtended Performance) Wet Porcelain blade is a 10" / 250mm wet cutting diamond blade with a high-density, aggressive diamond matrix to ensure a clean, chip-free cut every time. The blade also features a tensioned steel core, mitigating distortion under high temperatures and allowing it to resist the harmful effects of vibrations and wobbling. This feature lets you keep cutting for extended periods without loss of performance. Although it is an excellent choice for ceramic and porcelain working surfaces, it also works very well on granite, slate, and other hard stone materials.

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