9630 Bucket Mortar Mixer

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Bucket Mortar Mixer

Tile setters and stone masons, Fire your hoe and retire your mix box. Bucket Mortar Mixer mixes faster and with much less effort than a mix box or wheelbarrow and hoe. Cost including a drill is less than a mix box and hoe. Easier clean up, Less bulk. In the past it has been difficult to mix dry pack mortar in a bucket.


  • Mixes all types of mortar and concrete in a 5 gals bucket
  • Mixes 4 gals of dry pack mortar (deck mud, floor mortar, sand mix) in as little as 30 seconds mixing time!
  • Auger action moves material from bottom to top and handle allows a stirring motion of the auger
  • Foam covered steel handle with oil impregnated bronze bearings for maintenance free operation
  • 1/2" chuck drill motor required (keyed type recommended)
  • Zinc plated 30" long by 1/2" shaft
  • Mixing blade diameter 3"
  • Do not use with Rubi rubber buckets

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If you have to mix deck mud or concrete this will save you!! Not only does it mix a full bag of concrete in about 45 seconds but it saves your back and your knees. If mixing a full bag you'll want to use a bigger bucket. I use 7 gallon bucket that commercial pool companies get their chemicals in. Works great! Otherwise take a 5 gal and cut the top half off, stick that on top of a full size 5 gal and it will work.

Every tile mechanic should have this!


I've owned a tile company for 26 years now. That is a lot of shower pans that needed sand & cement mixed.
Of course for mud floors I have a gas powered barrel type mixer, but for the shower floors they were all mixed by hand, in a wheelbarrow...etc.

While this isn't exactly cheap, it's not really expensive either.
I am a skeptic with all products that seem too good to be true, especially when I see a guy mixing concrete in a few seconds.

Well it's true! This little guy is the real deal and is worth every single penny!
The first mix (in a 5 gallon bucket) I followed the video and resisted the urge to put water in first, as I do with Thinset and Grout.
It didn't mix in two seconds but a minute or two later it was ready. Still much faster and easier than mixing by hand.
Now the second time, I put the water in first with the drill and then filled the bucket with dry cement. This time it honestly mixed a perfect mix in seconds!
My helper and I were just looking in disbelief at how fast and easy it was.
I have two half inch spade handle drills. A Milwaukee and a Makita. Both spin at 600 RPM. Neither drill even broke a sweat while mixing. So don't worry about over-working the drill.

This mortar mixer is a god send! While more & more alternative methods for shower floors are coming out. If you still feel a mud floor is the strongest method, then don't hesitate. Buy this mixer today!
What took two hours to install a perfect shower floor by myself, now takes an hour.
Best money I've spent on a tool in a long while.



Bought this mixer after seeing vidio. Plan on using it later this year to mix morter for laying up a block building. Well made and should do the job

Buy this!


You won't be disappointed! It used to take my helper 10+ min to mix a bag for a shower pan. With this, it takes 2 min. Cut my installation time in 1/2.

Bucket mortar mixer


Great tool for dry pack and concrete. Last 2 have been bent a little. Main shaft wobble is annoying but still a must have tool.



Great thing for mixing mud for mud beds

Contractors Correct

by -

If you don"t have this tool. Your a Hoe!

Couldn't be happier


This is a must have to for working solo and mixing mud. Does exactly what its intended to do. Great price, fast shipping and a quality product!! Thank you

Time saver mixer


Excellent mixer , saves me from having to carry a mixing pan and shovel , quick and easy to use and I received the product with in a couple days of ordering

The Canoli King Loves The New Mixer


Love this Mixer.Ideal for small wetbed floors or shower pans.I no longer use sand and cement for small jobs,I now use the Mapei 4 to 1 Mud Mix in a bag.This spins a 5 gal. bucket of mud up in about 45 sec.Mixes the whole job up in about 5 min.I am 56 yrs. old and have been in the tile business 34yrs.,I am always looking for a easier way to do things.



A must have for every tile guy. Made pouring a pan a breeze.

Great for mud beds!!!!


These mixers are hands down the best tool for mixing bagged mud bed material. We mix up a 60lb bag of Laticrete mud in 2 minutes. It’s a must have.

Amazing, you'll love it!


I'm a tile and stone contractor and I picked one of these up a couple of months ago, finally had a project where I needed it. Used it to mix 10 80lb bags of concrete and this thing is amazing!! You can mix a bag in about 30 seconds but be careful on the down stroke, if you slam it down too hard it can/will eat up your bucket. (don't ask me how I know) Wish this thing was around 20 years ago when I was doing a ton of mud work.

Awesome mixer


It dose exactly what it says it dose.
Wish I had one 15 years ago!!!