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30822 Raimondi Resin Dressing Stone for Diamond Blades

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Product Details

Product Details

Raimondi Resin Dressing Stone

Resin dressing stones will unleash the best cutting ability of all your diamond products, such as blades, hole saws, etc.


  • Specially formatted grit is designed to sharpen and reactivate diamond blades, as they may have been glazed over by cutting many other types of material
  • Dressing stones are recommended to be used every 60 cuts for porcelain and every 90 cuts for stone/granite to maximize blade efficiency
  • Just enter the diamond rim into the stone to rejuvenate your diamond cutting equipment
  • For diamond blades, hole saws, core bits, grinding wheels, and more
  • LxWxH = 4" x 2" x 1"

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12 reviews

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A Must Have

by -

I've been cutting a lot of large 12x24" glass tiles and I've been using it on the blade of my diamond saw when I notice the glass isn't cutting as clean as it should. It's definitely a must have.

seems to work

by -

I wanted to keep my expensive diamond blade in good condition since the last one I abused too fast. I even got some time out of the old one with this stone. Now I use it a bit after every few cuts and it seems to keep the blade cutting well. could just be a good blade though and me not abusing it

Cleans quickly

by -

Cutting tons of tile can get the blade gummed up. The Siri True Blue dressing stone gets my porcelain blade back in shape by simply slicing off a very thin portion of the stone w/ the blade. It will last a lifetime for me - as it is very efficient at its job.

It does seem to work.

by -

I have not found any instructions on how to use this dressing stone. So, what I've done is to start the saw and cut into an edge of the stone with the left side of the blade and again with the right side of the blade. I do this each day I use the saw. I guess it works, as the saw still cuts my pavers.

It works

by -

Cutting through this stone makes cutting tile faster and easier.


by -

How many blades in the past did I throw away because the were "dull"? Use these stones to refresh the diamonds on your blades and the will last longer. I refresh my blades at least once before each job. You can just rub the stone up against the edge of each side of the blade and slice a small sliver off to make the most use of the stone. Should be a regular maintenance routine for all tile setters.