R482H MBW Smart Rammer 11" x 13" Shoe

Smartest Rammers in the industry, equipped with integral tachometers and hour meters that indicate when maximum operational performance is being reached and when maintenance intervals are needed. Result is higher productivity and increased service life. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets

R482H Advantages

  • Polyethylene slide bearings provide minimal internal wear
  • 11" high density ductile cast iron tamping shoe.
  • Highly productive percussion rammer at less than 160 lb.
  • 4-ply, steel reinforced, vulcanized rubber bellows.
MBW R482H Smart Rammer Specifications
Horse Power2.8 hp
MotorHonda GX100 - Gas
Shoe Size11 in. x 13 in. (28 cm x 33 cm)
Travel SpeedUp to 60 ft./min.
Compaction DepthUp to 24 in. (61 cm)
Operating Weight158 lbs. (68 kg.)

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