More Concrete & Masonry Tools

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More Concrete & Masonry Tools

9022 Laticrete Spartacote Sparta-Chip Blended Chips - 55 lbs. Box

  • Decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially blended paint aggregates used for Sparta-Chip and Sparta-Chip PURE
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    9024 Laticrete Sparta-Quartz Blended Quartz - 50 lbs. Bag

  • Blended Quartz aggregates are uniformly shaped and sized quartz granules
  • Used as an aggregate in all Spartacote and Spartacote PURE™ coating systems
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    9021 Laticrete Spartacote Polyaspartic Pigments

    $43.26 to $205.50
  • Reactint polyaspartic pigments are designed to be used exclusively with Sparta-Flex, Sparta-Flex XT and Sparta-Flex PURE polyaspartic coatings.
  • 1-quart size is for use in 2-gallon Sparta-Flex kits.
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    1106098 Imer Step-UP 120 Spray & Grout Pump

  • Comes with a built in mixer, compressor, hoses & gun.
  • Twice the flow and 1-1/2 times the PSI than the Small 50.
  • 220 Volt single phase motor runs on 16 Amps circuit.
  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse
  • 9028 Laticrete Spartacote Metallic Pigment

    $28.98 to $96.61
  • Metallic flooring systems produce beautiful color intensity and luster to concrete floors
  • Mix 8 oz. per gallon. Covers approximately 100 sq. ft. per mixed gallon
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    9029 Laticrete Spartacote Epoxy Pigment

    $43.26 to $116.27
  • Designed to be used exclusively with DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base
  • Available in 9 different colors
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    9027 Laticrete Spartacote Vivid Dye

  • Ready for immediate use in a variety of decorative concrete applications
  • Concentrated concrete dyes are available in an ultra low VOC solution
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    9025 Laticrete Spartacote Grip Additive

  • An ultra-durable yet lightweight polycarbonate traction additive that is designed for use in clear and pigmented Sparta-Flex® polyaspartic concrete floor coatings
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    9026 Laticrete Spartacote Diamond Topp Surface Additive

  • Specialized additive for use in extreme heavy-traffic situations for concrete coatings
  • Best used when it is dispersed into SPARTACOTE® Low Gloss polyaspartic coatings
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    1106045 Imer Small 50 Pumping & Spraying Machines

  • Spray or pump up to 3.5 gls. of material per minute.
  • Spray fire proofing, pump grout into door jambs, fill molds at precast plan, spray stucco onto residential homes, happy grout to finish rock walls.
  • 1106048 Imer KOINE 35, 220V, 1 phase.

  • Continuous mixing, spraying and pumping of pre-blended cementitious and gypsum based mortars, stucco, fireproofing, self-leveling underlayments and grouts.
  • 3600 Quikpoint Mortar Gun w/ Black & Decker DR250 3/8" Drill

  • Uses all standard and pre-mixed pointing mortars.
  • Works on floors and walls.
  • Excellent mortar penetration.
  • Vibrator fed auger drive assures constant mortar bead.
  • Unbreakable polyurethane body and nozzle holder.
  • 3000 Quikpoint Mortar Gun Without Drill

  • Uses all standard and pre-mixed pointing mortars.
  • Works on floors and walls
  • Unbreakable polyurethane body and nozzle holder.
  • Mounts any 3/8" drill, if you are using a cordless drill must be 18 Volts.
  • AXD000004 Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit

  • Attaches from your wet/dry vacuum to your own disposal container to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris
  • Comes with Cyclone, hoses and buckets. Just attach to a wet/dry vac (sold separately)
  • Pullman Ermator S26 HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Powerful dust separator suitable for applications involving fine dust
  • Can handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust
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    Pullman Ermator S36 HEPA Dust Extractor

  • The most powerful single-phase HEPA Dust Extractor on the market today
  • Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide over 353CFM (230 V) and 100 inches of waterlift, perfect for planetary floor grinders
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    Pullman Ermator S13 HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust
  • An effective all-around construction vacuum for all types of jobsites
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    XCKM010000 Dust Cobra 17 Gal. HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Dust Cobra is a powerful, compact and versatile dust control system with 3x higher air performance than traditional shop vacuums.
  • Can be used on nearly any application
  • 112505 DustControl DC AirCube 500 115V

  • An exhaust hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room.
  • Fan unit is a radial blower allowing the unit to generate large amount of air flow during entire filter life.
  • Stack-able weight only 29 lbs.
  • 111003 DustControl, DC AirCube 1200, 115V

  • Compact & robust air cleaner with a capacity of 1100m3/h.
  • Built from stainless steel sheet metal to be extra damage resistant.
  • Good complement to source extraction and suction casings on construction sites.
  • 102004 DustControl, DC AirCube 2000, 115V

  • Robust air cleaner with a capacity of 1800m3/h which makes it our most powerful single phase aircleaner.
  • Good complement to source extraction and suction casings on construction sites.
  • 42690 DustControl, Pre-filter Aircube 500.

  • 10-pack washable filters.
  • High quality filter material with exceptional resistance to most elements.
  • Suitable to high humidity applications such as machine and tool shops where cutting and cooling fluids are used.
  • 42692 DustControl, Hepa H13 Filter Aircube 500.

  • Made of fiberglass material with a support layer of cellulose.
  • Filtration efficiency is 99.995% EN 60335.
  • 6760 Novatek Novair 2000 Negative Air Machine

  • Powerful, durable & light weight negative air machine.
  • Filters and exhaust dust, smoke.
  • Get rid of dust when cutting marble, cement dry.
  • Portable, and very durable.
  • less clean-up, better worker conditions.
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