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DSGPULW Multiquip Duo Screed

$325.58 to $1,640.00
  • Flexible drive shaft requires no maintenance.
  • Lightweight blade construction 
  • Honda Powered 1.5 hp four-stroke engine.
  • Power unit and screed blades are sold separately.
  • Unique reversing blade 
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    621505 Wyco Concrete Screed King

  • 75% less vibration to operators hands.
  • No tools required to remove screeds bars.
  • Adjustable fits any user height in any depth of concrete.
  • Honda 4-strokes mounted on rubber mounts.
  • 1105 Wyco Magflo Magnesium Screeds Single Power Units

    $471.50 to $786.50
  • For use with one power unit.
  • 5.5" base allow the screed to float in any slump of concrete.
  • The Magflo requires no tools to add or remove the power-head.
  • Mounting unit comes with individual screed bars.
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    8320 Northrock Pro 3200 Series Power Screed

    $1,288.99 to $1,628.97
  • Blades form 4 ft to 12 ft come with one power unit
  • Large rubber shock mounts direct vibrations away from the operator and down into the mix.
  • Power unit and frame weigh in at only 28 lbs making the system easy to maneuver and transport.
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    6022 Kraft Magnesium Straight Edge

    $75.00 to $88.49
  • 1" Width x 4" Height Magnesium screed.
  • Magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminum.
  • Magnesium is also more rigid than aluminum!
  • This makes them tough, yet light.
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    4943 Sola Aluminum Screeding Level

    $57.95 to $89.95
  • 3/4" Width x 4" Height Aluminum screed.
  • For use in leveling cement, sand or paving stones in driveways, sidewalks and patios.
  • 98" & 78" size features hand grips at each end for stability.
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    WS500H MBW Screedemon Power Unit Honda GX35

  • Simple, durable, low cost rubber isolator to drive the eccentric.
  • Lightweight magnesium float bars sold separately.
  • Honda GX35 engine.
  • 1106 Wyco Magflo Magnesium Screeds for Double Power Units

    $655.99 to $717.99
  • For use with two power units
  • 5.5" base allow the screed to float in any slump of concrete.
  • The Magflo requires no tools to add or remove the powerhead
  • High frequency vibration that eliminates the honeycomb effect and speeds finish time
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    9965 MBW ScreeDemon Magnesium Bars

    $199.00 to $1,209.00
  • Patented, extra rigid, double triangular, magnesium screed bar minimizes variability in vibration
  • Easily clamps to Screedemon no holes or hardware through bar.
  • Unit is attached or removed from screed in seconds for cleaning & transport.
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    9329 Wacker Neuson Wet Screed Blade

    $191.56 to $689.60
  • Wet screed offers both reliable performance and operator comfort.
  • Wet screed can fit the demands of every jobsite with a variety of blade lengths.
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    0620956 Wacker Neuson P 35A Power Unit for Wet Screed

  • Fully enclosed exciter for operator protection and low maintenance.
  • Unique twin handle system is fully height and angle adjustable 
  • Air-cooled, 4 cycle, single cylinder, gas engine.