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Diamond Blades

Concrete Diamond Blades  
General Purpose Diamond Blade  
Asphalt/Green Concrete Blades  
Masonry Diamond Blades  
Ring Blades & Diamond Chains  
Crack Chaser & Tuck Point  
Complete Selection of concrete & masonry diamond blades. We carry blades for cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, & general purpose cutting. You will also find a variety of segmented & turbo blades for cutting brick, block, & pavers. Diamond chains & ring saw blades are also available. We carry the top names in the industry - MK Diamond, Target by Husqvarna, Pearl Abrasive, & Diteq.
Diamond blades average cutting depths.
  • 12" = 3 5/8"
  • 14" = 4 5/8"
  • 16" = 5 5/8"
  • 18" = 6 5/8"
  • 20" = 7 5/8"
  • 24" = 9 5/8"
  • 26" = 10 5/8"
  • 30" = 12 5/8"
  • 36" = 14 5/8"
  • 42" = 17 5/8"
  • 48" = 19 5/8"

  • About Diamond Blades

    How Diamond Blades Work.
    Diamond blades provide cutting through mutual erosion of the material (concrete, etc.) and the segment, or rim, of the diamond blade. Diamond crystals are embedded throughout a blade's rim, suspended in a metal matrix. As the crystals either get crushed or fall out of the rim, it is essential that the matrix wears down at an optimal rate to expose new diamond to continue efficient cutting. If the matrix fails to wear down fast enough, the rim will glaze over and cutting will become much more difficult and slow. If the matrix wears down too quickly, crystals will be lost before their usefulness has expired. The blade may appear to cut very fast, but the life of the blade will be greatly shortened.

    The Rule to Remember
    Soft blades cut hard materials, and hard blades cut soft materials.As a general rule, you need a blade with a softer matrix to cut hard, less abrasive materials such as cured concrete, brick, tile or stone. Conversely, you need a blade with a harder matrix to resist the excessive abrasion of softer materials such as green concrete, asphalt or block.

    Defining Value
    You want an optimum balance between cutting speed and blade life to get the best overall value for your blade.

    A number of factors affect the wear rate of rims and overall performance of diamond blades. These include:

  • The hardness of the metal matrix
  • The quality of the diamond crystals
  • The density of the crystals within the matrix
  • The hardness of the material being cut
  • The abrasiveness of the material being cut
  • The horsepower of the saw being used
  • The RPM's of the blade
  • Cutting depth
  • Cutting pressure
  • Blade Life vs Cutting Speed
    Typically, there is an inverse relationship between cutting speed and blade life. If a saw operator makes a change, such as increasing cutting pressure to make a blade cut faster, blade life will tend to be shortened as a result. Likewise, if an operator wanted to extend the blade's life, he could reduce cutting pressure and cut slower. Each job is different and labor cost also needs to be added to the equation to arrive at the most cost-efficient solution.

    Concrete Diamond Blades
    Wet and dry cutting diamond blades with various hardnesses depending on aggregate and reinforcement. We offers blades that work with all types of saws, from small electric saws to large diesel machines.
    General Purpose Diamond Blade
    Multi-application blade for cutting a wide variety of materials including cured concrete, masonry, stone, concrete pilings with steel, culvert pipe with steel & brick pavers.
    Asphalt/Green Concrete Blades
    Green concrete saw blades are used in road and airport construction as well as for industrial floors, for the cutting of expansion and sealing joints of asphalt, asphalt over concrete and green concrete.
    Masonry Diamond Blades
    We have blades for cutting masonry materials including bricks, block, pavers, stone, combination blade for brick and block-fired refractory. Put simply, the blade you use must fit your work situation perfectly.
    Ring Blades & Diamond Chains
    Ringsaw technology, where theblade is driven from the rim of the blade instead of its center and diamond chain both designed for high-power, tough operation deep cutting.
    Crack Chaser & Tuck Point
    Tuckpoint for aggressive grout and mortar removal between bricks. Crack Chasing Blade cleans, routs and repairs cracks in concrete and other materials.
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