Whether you're a homeowner, a general contractor or a specialist, we have the tools to get the job done right. Work, grind, cut, mix, concrete or mortar, with our hand-picked selection of reliable tools. You can browse our large selection of contractor quality concrete & masonry equipment. We feature Cut-Off Saws, Walk-Behind Concrete Saws & Maonry Saws from Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker Neuson, Core Cut, Dewalt, Multiquip, Soff-Cut, MK Diamond, & more. The concrete & masonry tools section also has diamond blades for concrete, masonry, asphalt & green concrete, crack chasing & tuckpointing. We also carry portable concrete mixers, cement mixers & mortar mixers, larger capacity towable concrete mixers & towable mortar mixers, rammers, plate compactors from Wacker Neuson, Mikasa by MQ & Weber MT, core drills, diamond core drill bits, concrete surface grinders & polishers, scarifiers, concrete vibrators, power trowels, concrete screeds, rebar cutters.
Cut-Off Saws
Powerful & portable, We carry a full selection of cut-off saws, ring saws, & concrete chain saws. Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker, & ICS our most popular brands.
  • Cut-Off Saws - Gas, electric, hydraulic, & air models available.
  • Concrete Chain Saws - Suitable for retro installation (vent, air, electro), corner cutting, precision cutting, stone, monument work, general concrete cutting, pile cutting, pipeline cutting, & demolition.
  • Concrete Ring Saws - Suitable for Deep concrete cutting, water sewer maintenance and demolition work.Use the hydraulic model for under water work.
  • Accessories - Cutting carts, transport boxes, water tanks, and accessories.
  • Parts - Filters, bearings, bars, & more.
Walk-Behind Concrete Saw
Powerful & portable, We carry a full selection of cut-off saws, ring saws, & concrete chain saws. Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker, & ICS our most popular brands.
  • Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Concrete Saws - Professional & very versatile flat saw for large & mid-size jobs. Self-propelled saws are pushed into the cut by diverting some of the engine power and directing it to the rear wheels via a hydrostatic drive.
  • Push Walk-Behind Concrete Saw - Compact, lightweight, engineered for maneuverability & reliability. Saws are propelled into the cut by the operator by pushing on the handlebars of the saw.
  • Green Concrete Saws - Cuts control joints in green concrete & decorative lines in cured concrete. Green concree is concrete that is less than 24 hours old unless additives or unusual temperatures are encountered.
  • Accessories - Water tanks, lifting bales & accessories.
  • Parts - Belts, water pumps, blade guards, air filters, & more.
Masonry Saws
  • Masonry Block Saws - Designed for vigorous masonry cutting operations including 8" x 8" x 16" block, & multiple bricks.
  • Masonry Brick Saws - Compact masonry saw capable of cutting a wide range of brick & pavers. Great for landscape work.
  • Accessories - Stands, wheel kits, dust hoods, veneer & corner cutting jigs, wet kits, & accessories.
  • Parts - Cutting carts, guides, pumps, splash curtains & more.
Diamond Blades
Complete Selection of concrete & masonry diamond blades. We carry blades for cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, & general purpose cutting. You will also find a variety of segmented & turbo blades for cutting brick, block, & pavers. Diamond chains & ring saw blades are also available. We carry the top names in the industry - Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Soff-Cut, Pearl Abrasive, Diteq, MK Diamond, & more.
Concrete & Mortar Mixers
We have a large selection of well known brands for mixing concrete, cement, mortar, & plaster. Imer, Whiteman by Multiquip, Marshalltown, Crown, Collomix, Eibenstock are just a few. Choose from portable or towable mixers with gas, electric, & diesel motors available.
  • Mortar Mixers - Mixers ideal for mixing mortar, grout, stucco, plaster & dry pack.
  • Concrete Mixers - Choose from electric, gas or diesel powered models.
  • Hand-Held Mixers - Double paddle mixers from Collomix & Eibenstock.
  • Accessories - Mixing stands, hitches, Ezee Clean Concrete Dissolver, & more.
  • Parts - Replacement buckets, paddles, belts
Compaction Equipment
We offer a variety of walk-behind compactors with superior performance, value-added features, & easy service including rammers, plates, trench rollers & walk-behind rollers. Superior compaction in any direction. Ideal for compacting sand, gravel, & mixed soils in narrow trenches & along foundations, walls, & abutments.
  • Single Direction Plate Compactors - Forward compaction plates are ideally suited to the compaction of sand, gravel, no-slump concrete, small grained crushed aggregates and insulating materials.
  • Rammers/Stompers - Ideal for trenches or tight compaction areas, also foundations, footings & site prep compaction.
  • Reversible Plate Compactor - Reversible plate compactors are ideal for compacting sand, gravel, mixed soils in narrow trenches, & along foundations.
  • Accessories - Water tanks, paver pads protections, wheels kits & more.
  • Parts - Ignition Modules, service kits, bellow boots, fuel tank caps, & more.
  • Trench Rollers & Duplex Rollers - Provide optimum productivity on all soils, work hard & deliver maximum total applied force for greater impact in a single pass.
Core Drill Equipment
View our large selection of hand-held core drills & core drill rigs. Efficient drilling equipment is just as much about maneuverability &ergonomics as it is about capacity &adaptability to different drilling jobs, whether drilling by hand or using a stand.
  • Core Drill Rigs - Gas, electric, hydraulic, & pneumatic models available. Brands include Husqvarna, Kor-it, Eibenstock, Diteq, Core Bore by Diamond Products, & MK Diamond.
  • Handheld Core Drills - For drilling holes up to 6" in concrete, brick, block and asphalt.
  • Specialty Core Drill Rigs & Trailers - Mobile trailer systems, truck mount core drills, bucket/skid steer mounted core drills, & more.
  • Motors - Electric & hydraulic motors from Eibenstock, Husqvarna, & Core Bore Weka.
  • Core Drill Stands - Stands from Husqvarna, Eibenstock, Edco, & Core Bore.
  • Accessories - Shaft extensions, vacuum assembly, shaft couplings, water swivels, pillow blocks & more.
Diamond Core Bits
Large selection of wet and dry core bits for drilling everything from cured concrete with steel reinforcing to light weight concrete block.
  • Wet Diamond Core Bits - Diameter range from 3/4" to 30" diameter. Here you will see a variety of core drill bits for drilling concrete, brick, block & asphalt.
  • Dry Diamond Core Bits - Diameter range from 1" to 6" diameter. Here you will see a variety of core drill bits for drilling brick & fast drilling of lightweight block or concrete block materials.
Surface Grinders & Polishers
Powerful & portable, We carry a full selection of cut-off saws, ring saws, & concrete chain saws. Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker, & ICS our most popular brands.
  • Surface Grinders & Polishers - Smooth rough surfaces, repair damaged concrete slabs, remove urethane or epoxy thin-coats, mastics and thin-set, industrial or paint build-ups.
  • Accessories - Edco Dymaserts, strip serts, PCD Diamond, Pearl Hexplate, diamond pads, & more.
Scarifiers & Scabblers
Surface preparation machine for scarifying, grooving, texturing & cleaning, for all types of surfaces.
  • Scarifiers - Scarifiers will clean, texture, level, groove, and rRemove material from concrete flooring.
  • Scarifier Cutter Kits - Carbide & steel cutter scarfier kits from Edco & MK Diamond.
  • Cutters - Individual scarifier cutters & scabbler bits.
  • Scabblers - Scabblers use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface roughening the concrete surface more than grinding or scarifying. Scabblers can remove up to 1/4 inch of concrete in a single pass.
More Concrete & Masonry Tools
  • Air Filtration - Negative air machines, filters, & portable blower/ventilators.
  • Mortar Pointing Guns - For tuckpointing, brick work, stone work, thin brick, grouting, crack repair, and glass block.
  • Concrete & Grout Pumps - Spray fire proofing, pump grout into door jambs, fill molds at precast plan, spray stucco onto residential homes, happy grout to finish rock walls.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuums - Professional vacuums for fine dust removal, concrete slurry, & more.
  • Concrete Buggies - Ideal for landscaping applications, material sub-base distribution, job site cleanup and material transport.
  • Air Heaters - Efficient and versatile light duty air heaters bringing heat to various workspaces. They can handle various heating and drying applications.
  • Dehumidifiers - The Dryvex commercial line of dehumidifiers will keep your construction and restoration projects on schedule and on budget by decreasing drying time and increasing production time for interior finish work.
  • Stake Pullers - Designed for stubborn stakes or re-bar.Hinged necked-head combination pulls tent stakes virtually straight out, versus other pullers “out and up” motions.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack - Gas & electric power packs are a dependable, self-contained source of hydraulic power.
  • Screed Box - The easy-roll Edco Screed Box makes it simple to apply epoxy mortars quickly and uniformly.
Concrete Vibrators
Typical applications include small pours, slabs, driveways, stem walls & footings. Designed for low slump pours. Correct diameter tool depends on wall thickness or concrete depth.
Power & Manual Screeds
Power screeds are perfect for rough finished floors. It's an efficient & inexpensive way to strike off & consolidate concrete surfaces fast, to get them trowel-ready. Quickly and accurately strike off concrete floors using a single blade for both form-to-form and wet screeding. Power screeds a faster way to screed concrete.
  • Power Screed Bars - Screed bars from 4 ft to 24 ft.
  • Power Units - Power units for the Wyco Screed King, MBW, & Wacker
  • Manual Screeds - Aluminium & magnesium screeds for use in leveling cement, sand or paving stones in driveways, sidewalks and patios.
Rebar Cutters & Benders
Manual & hydraulic rebar cutters & bender.
  • Rebar Cutters - Quick cuts for applications with different rebar diameters bringing versatility and high productivity..
  • Rebar Benders - Electric, open style, hub style, & hickey benders.
  • Parts - Blade kits & service kits.
Demolition Hammers & Drills
Chip, & drill many types of materials.
  • Demolition Hammers - Gas, electric, & hydraulic breakers are available.
  • Hammer Drills - Rotary Hammers allow you to chose between using the hammer in rotation mode, hammering with rotation mode or hammering mode only, so you can match the functionality of the hammer drill to your task.
  • Chisels & Steel - Bull points, chisels, & SDS-Max drill bits.
Cup Wheels
Cup Wheels - Grinding, mark removal, de-burring, rough surface grinding.