DW4764 Dewalt 10" XP4 Wet Porcelain Diamond Blade

SKU: DW4764
Manufacturer: Dewalt
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Dewalt DW4764 10" XP4 Wet Porcelain Diamond Blade

Dewalt DW4764 10 inch premium porcelain tile blade features an extended performance diamond matrix that provides long life and enhanced material cutting. The continuous rim design provides chip free cutting in all types of tile.


  • Extended performance diamond matrix provides long life and enhanced material cutting
  • Continuous rim design provides chip free cutting in many types of tile
  • High quality steel core for reduced vibration
  • Blade core is tensioned to resist wobble and vibration
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

Technical Specifications

  • Rim Height 8mm (5/16")
  • Kerf 0.060"
  • Maximum RPM 6,000
  • Arbor 5/8"

Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

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good diamond blade

by -

cuts great through granite

Great blade

by -

So far the blade has cut more tile than the original blade that came with my saw. I'm still seeing how long the blade will last, but for now it seems worth the cost.

Accurate & Durable

by -

Long lasting blade for porcelain and granite. No signs of warping after hundreds of cuts. Use a dressing stone from time to time for faster cuts and longer lasting blade.

not bad


Got one of these as a package deal when I bought the dewalt saw . Probably not as good as a high end blade but its pretty close. Cuts fast and clean with minimal chipping. Last long and great for the price.

Good Blade


I wore out my last blade cutting porcelain for kitchen and bath remodeling jobs. This blade works great and is a lot less expensive from Contractors Direct than going to the big box store or even Amazon. Sometimes the tile chips on the right side at the very end of the cut unless you are very very careful which is the reason gave the rating to four stars instead of five.

Worth the money


Any dewalt product is definietly worth your money, you can cut all types of tile with this blade, porcelain, ceramic. I would say this blade is worth your money

Knew what I wanted and Contractors Direct delivered promptly


The price was right and it arrived promptly. I recommend running some scrap pieces through the blade 5 to 10 times before cutting the good pieces to knock off the high spots. There is some chipping along the cut so some dressing down is necessary if the cut will be exposed. Blade cuts fast and smooth. I am using it on 12 X 24 dark porcelain tile and the cutting speed/resistance is very smooth.

Good blade

by -

I am an experienced DIYer and have laid a lot of tile, but cutting them with a 10" wet saw is a new experience for me, so I have little frame of reference. The blade arrived quickly and ran true on my new Harbor Freight #69275 tile saw. Cutting slowly and carefully, the blade cut cleanly with no chipping. After making perhaps 100 cuts in 12x24 Chinese-made ceramic tiles, I did notice some chipping. Taking advice from another reviewer, I found a cement landscape stone and made a long deep cut in it to "sharpen" the diamonds and expose new cutting edges. This did help in that the chipping was still there, but the chips were much smaller and more consistent. They certainly will not show on the floor from eye level once they are laid and grouted, but they are there. I have repeated the landscape stone cut several times - whenever I notice the chips getting large and uneven. I have noticed that it takes longer/or more force to cut now than it was new. I am not sure how to tell when it is worn out, but I expect it is about half used up after perhaps 500 cuts (I am tiling a stairway and found that scoring and snapping the tiles is not accurate enough for a consistent grout line on all 4 sides, thus the excess amount of cutting....) Are there better blades out there? Possibly, but for $48.50 delivered, this blade seems like a decent value. I will probably try a different brand when this one wears out just to broaden my experience.

Good blade

by -

Good clean cuts

Awesome blade for the price


This blade has really impressed me considering the price . I've done over 4000 square feet of tile and still Cuts clean I'm a flooring contractor and I used to buy the expensive blades 80 $90 but this one's right there with them for a lot less I dress up the blade every 15-20 cuts and it's still going. good recently I had to get some clean cuts against old wood floor 36 feet mind you there was already 4000 square feet on this blade and the cuts were clean on porcelain I've been doing this over 35 years takes a lot for me to give a good review on something especially this day in age everything coming from China but I'm happy to say this blade is well worth every penny