1188174 Imer Combi 250/1000VA Wet Saw

SKU: 1188174
Manufacturer: Imer
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Does plunge cutting increase cut length?

yes head down is 28" cutting capacity extends to 31" with plunge cut.

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WOW !!!

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Possibly the finest piece of equipment I have ever purchased. Rips 45s 36 inches long without even having to draw a line. The laser is dead on accurate and the saw has plenty of power. The extension table that comes with it pops on with ease and the fact that one man can pick it up and move it, blows my mind. I have only cut about 500sqf so far but I may have some mk's for sale soon

imer 250/1000 lite


this is the best wet saw you can buy. I have been using these things for years. My first imer saw went 10 years before I sold it (it was still working just upgraded to a larger size) these saws are powerful, easy-to-use and cut straight. The only issue I have had with this saw is with the rollers. If the saw sits for a long time (as in several months) then the rollers tend to develop flat spots which gets annoying. But the rollers can be replaced and if you don't want to replace them you can also simply move the saw back and forth over and over which will eventually smooth the rollers out again. The best thing to do if you're not going to use the saw for an extended time would be to simply roll the blade back and forth a few times each month to help prevent the flat spots. the rollers on my old model were made of ceramic but the new rollers are made of some kind of soft friction reducing material. Over all I love this saw and wouldn't trade it for any other.