1066 CD Products Extra Large Sponges for Cleaning Grout

SKU: 1066
Manufacturer: Hydro
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Extra Large Sponges for Cleaning Grout

Professional grade sponges made from polyester foam, making them elastic, light, durable, economical and more chemically resistant compared to other types of sponges. Extremely soft, wet or dry.


  • Size 7-1/2"x 4-3/8"x 1-7/8"
  • Only $.95 Each, 600 piece bale quantity $570
  • Extra large fine pore hydrophilic sponge
  • Soft and durable, excellent for removing excess grout, rinse clean
  • Rounded edges to prevent “digging out” or marring of grout
  • Imported from Greece
  • Use a clean grout float to remove any excess grout from floor
  • Allow up to 15 minutes for the grout to set and then proceed to wipe floor clean
  • Keep a clean bucket of water available and replace as necessary. Take a damp sponge and place flush on tile at an angle to tile joints. Pull sponge down and towards you. Be careful not to dig the grout mortar out of the joints
  • Flip sponge over and repeat making sure to overlap the adjacent area you have just wiped. Then rinse sponge thoroughly and repeat process. Some areas may need to be wiped more than once
  • High quality reticulated foam, can be sterilized by boiling

Questions & Answers (2)

7/24/2015 2:03:36 pm

My sponges came in crushed and after a few days still did not return to normal shape; is this normal?

Yes the sponges are compressed to fit into a bale to make transporting them easier although some sponges may return to form with time you can also wring the sponge(s) out with warm water to accelerate the process.

7/1/2016 2:48:08 pm

What is the weight of a bale?

The 400 piece bale of sponges weighs 30 lb.

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