6505 Alpha Vetro Glass Tile Diamond Blade

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Manufacturer: Alpha Tools
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Alpha Vetro Diamond Blade for Glass

The Alpha Vetro is the ideal blade for the glass contractor looking for a high-speed, portable, long-lasting cutting solution. Equipped with a smooth continuous diamond rim and bond hardness, this blade is best suited for glass and hard vitreous materials to provide cuts with minimal chipping.


  • Premium quality glass cutting blades
  • Designed for high-speed wet cutting of glass
  • Excellent choice for plunge cutting, trimming near the edges of glass and for cutting an internal radius
  • Must be used wet and when the 4-3/8" size is used on the AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter it provides a portable dust-free solution to cutting thick glass
  • Cut with minimal chipping even near the edges of glass
  • Waste is kept to a minimum creating a cutting solution that is quite cost-effective
  • For use on standard tile saws only - Click here for Alpha Vetro for Rail Saws
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

Alpha Vetro Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size4-3/8"7"8"10"
Rim Height10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm
Arbor7/8" - 20 mm5/8"5/8"5/8"

CeramicNot Recommended
PorcelainNot Recommended
MarbleNot Recommended
GraniteNot Recommended
Hard GraniteNot Recommended

Questions & Answers (1)

10/7/2015 9:24:56 am

this glass blade cut great out of the box but now i'm sometimes chipping glass tiles. does the blade need to be sharpened? how can i bring back its cutting performance?

It sounds like your blade needs to be dressed; a few cuts through a Diamond Blade Dressing Stone can revitalize the blade and restore its cutting power. It is advisable to do a few passes through the dressing stone after every 50-60 feet of cutting to expose new, sharp diamond along the blade's cutting edge.


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Cut my Glass Tile Perfectly

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I used this blade to cut glass tile I put in my pool. I didn't have lots to cut but what I did cut was smooth with virtually no chipping. It worked exactly as I was hoping it would. My saw has a 3/4 shaft so I had to drill the hole bigger but that was no big deal I knew it wasn't going to fit when I bought it. I bought a sharpening block too but it never dulled. I used in on a cheapo Harbor Freight like tile saw that runs about a constant 3400 RPM.

Excellent Diamond Blade

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An excellent blade for glass tile cutting. Smooth edges with very little chipping. A quality product for professional results.

The blade worked fine.

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I cut glass tile for backsplash, and the blade cut fine.

Excellent glass cutting blade

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I bought this blade for a large mosaic glass backsplash project with hundreds of cuts. It definitely was worth the investment. Cutting glass with a wet saw is a slower process than cutting tile. They are too entirely different products. Let the blade do the job it was designed to do. The Alpha Vetro glass blade cuts slowly, but leaves a nice clean edge. Directions indicate cutting glass from the back side , but I found face cutting worked better. With a little patience and regular dressing of the blade you will get great results with the Alpha Vetro blade.

7" alpha glass diamond blade

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Let the blade do the work. Slow cutting was the key to good edges. Dress the cutter at the first sign of chipping. I did 14 12" cuts then dressed the cutter. The results were all good cuts.

Smooth, fine cuts in glass

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Clean, smooth cuts in glass, porcelain and marble. What surprised me was how *quiet* it was, I didn't need to wear earplugs. It cut very slowly though, if you don't need a very fine cut then use a more aggressive blade to go faster (and wear ear plugs).

Very Smooth Cuts

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This blade has one purpose, Ultra Smooth, chip free cuts in Glass, that's it, nothing else. Alpha makes great products and this one is no exception. I'm very pleased after using it for 2 glass tile projects. The cuts are excellent in glass that has the color on the back as well as the color throughout. It cuts SLOW, but I am after the best final product I can get, and this blade gets me there. At [$]I don't even think of trying to cut anything but glass with this blade.

best glass blade

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I have used the Alpha Vetro glass blades for years. Best blade for thin or thick glass. Runs best on slower speed saws but does a great job.

very impressed


I am a professional installer. This blade performs very well. With a glass blade you must accept the fact that it will cut very slow and need to be dressed often. This blade made flawless diagonal chip free cuts in 3x6 glass subway tile when cut face down as recommended on blade label.

You must buy a dressing stone!!!
If you do not buy a stone you will complain that the blade stopped working and seems to have went bad after 10 or 20 cuts. This is your fault. Use a dressing stone. I used the gold one.

I dress my blade no more than every ten cuts. Glass tends to smear on the blade and clog the diamonds so you must use a dressing stone often to keep the blade and cutting smooth. You must have very good water flow directly at the point of cut to keep the glass from overheating while cutting.

It's ok.


I have to believe there is a better blade out there. I bought this blade because it is suggested to be the best. The blade did cut the glass tile unbelievable until the tiles get pulled into the blade and brake. We tried to go extremely slow but every other cut got pulled into the blade. We used a dressing stone but that did not seem to help. When the tile did go thru it was a great cut but expect an extremely slow process.

I'll keep looking for a better blade.