017701502 Laticrete 150 sq ft. Roll Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane

SKU: 017701502
Manufacturer: Laticrete
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Laticrete STRATA MAT Uncoupling Membrane 017703232

Laticrete Strata Mat uncoupling membrane 40' Long x 45" Wide Half roll 150sq. ft


  • LATICRETE STRATA MAT is a next generation high performance uncoupling membrane for use under ceramic tile and stone installations, for both residential and commercial applications. Designed to replace traditional under-layment materials
  • The unique patent pending design of STRATA MAT provides for an enhanced mechanical bond of the adhesive mortar and provides for faster drying of the mortar, allowing for shorter time to grout
  • Specifically designed for use with both modified and unmodified mortars
  • LATICRETE STRATA MAT allows for the proper adhesive mortar to be used with porcelain or large format tiles and stone


  • Mortar Hydration Vents creates a mechanical bond between the mat and adhesive mortar allows the mortar to cure faster providing a stronger bond of tile at 16 – 24 hours for faster time to grout
  • Provides vapor management
  • Allows for use of the appropriate mortar per industry standards
  • Helps prevent transmission of in plane substrate cracks of up to 1/8" (3 mm)
  • Instant coverage verification allows for installer to see mortar coverage underneath the mat during installation without having to lift and verify
  • Allows for easier floor layout as chalk lines are easily visible on surface prior to tile installation
  • Rated Extra Heavy per ASTM C627
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and fast to install with standard tools
  • Can be used under moisture sensitive stone

Questions & Answers (3)

8/28/2015 4:14:24 pm

I have some Schluter Ditra but want to try Laticrete Stratamat can they both be used for the same tile job? The room is about 30x30 I have a full roll of Schluter Ditra plus some extra footage. Is it the same thickness and similar of same characteristics? Thanks

These two products have very similar properties and are basically the same thickness however consider that you are voiding both manufacturers warranties. The main difference between the two are that Laticrete Stratamat can be used with both modified and unmodified thinset and the Ditra can only be used with unmodified.

4/30/2016 6:12:36 pm

Can you use it over plywood

Hybroban can bond to exterior glue plywood. All surfaces must be structurally sound, stable and rigid enough to support ceramic/stone tile, brick and similar finishes. The installer must verify that deflection under all live, dead and impact loads of interior plywood floors does not exceed industry standards of L/360 for ceramic tile and brick or L/480 for stone installations and L/600 for all exterior veneer applications where L=span length.

Minimum construction for interior plywood floors

SUBFLOOR: 5/8" (15 mm) thick exterior glue plywood, either plain with all sheet edges blocked or tongue and groove, over bridged joints spaced 16" (400 mm) o.c. maximum; fasten plywood 6" (150 mm) o.c. along sheet ends and 8" (200 mm) o.c. along intermediate supports with 8d ring-shank, coated or hot dip galvanized nails (or screws); allow 1/8" (3 mm) between sheet ends and 1/4" (6 mm) between sheets edges; all sheet ends must be supported by a framing member; glue sheets to joints with construction adhesive.

UNDERLAYMENT: 5/8" (15 mm) thick exterior glue plywood fastened 6" (150 mm) o.c. along sheet ends and 8" (200 mm) o.c. in the panel field (both directions) with 8d ring-shank, coated or hot dip galvanized nails (or screws); allow 1/8" (3 mm) to 1/4" (6 mm) between sheets and 1/4" (6 mm) between sheet edges and any abutting surfaces; offset underlayment joints from joints in subfloor and stagger joints between sheet ends; glue underlayment to subfloor with construction adhesive. Refer to Technical Data Sheet 152 “Bonding Ceramic Tile, Stone or Brick Over Wood Floors” for complete details.

10/20/2017 8:18:59 pm

Can I use the strata mat over 3/4" advantec, 16" on center glued and screwed?

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

Please refer to OSB section of on page 2 of the Laticrete Stratamat Manual for installation instructions over OSB & plywood.

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