Gemini Super Slicer Kit
  • Device that gives you the ability to make repetitive, perfectly parallel, ultra thin cuts in any material that will clear the throat height of the saw, which is 1-1/2" on the Taurus 3 and 1" on the Taurus II.2.
  • The Super Slicer can be adapted for use on other saws such as band saws as long as the blade will pass through the ribs.
  • Useful when cutting: Pattern Bars, cane, rods, streamers, Milfiori.
  • Virtually any other material that requires repetitive cutting.
  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • Comes complete, with all supplies needed to get cutting right away.
  • Reliably makes straight cuts as thin as 1/16”.
  • Works with any kind of material.
  • Works on most glass ring saws and band saws from all manufacturers.
  • The ultra thin Super Slicer Blade has the smallest kerf of any saw blade = less glass wasted!
Super Slicer Includes
  • Ram material is attached to this piece in order to be perfectly sliced.
  • Base attaches to the work surface to provide a runway for the Ram. Also provided with the base are two removable pins that, when removed, the base can be used on any work surface without a grid.
  • Double Sided Tape Strips used to attach material to the Ram.
  • Rubber Bands Color coded for size and can also be used in addition to the Double Sided Tape Strips to attach material to the Ram for added stability.

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