Alpha 5" Dustless Eco Grinder EGC-125

Great for Seam Polishing and Removing Scratches!

Virtually Dust-free Grinding Solution!

  • The Alpha Ecogrinder is the ideal high performance grinder with a built-in vacuum system.
  • It is designed for continuous production in fabrication shops as well as job sites.
  • The Alpha Ecogrinder ensures a virtually dustfree environment without the use of an external vacuum system or expensive dust collector.
  • Its unique slide cover allows the Ecogrinder grinding wheel to grind up to the wall.
  • Opening the slide cover exposes the diamond cutting edge without reducing the vacuum effect.
  • Spring Loaded Flange Assembly ensures smooth grinding without any adjustments.
  • When combined with the optional manual height adjustment flange assembly, the Ecogrinder can accommodate any 5" grinding wheel with a 7/8" arbor.
  • Manual Height Adjustment Flange Assembly (890001) $32.71.
  • Whether you are grinding terrazzo, concrete, or any masonry materials, the Alpha® Ecogrinder is the tool for you!
Important information regarding Alpha warranty returns
    In the event that your Alpha power tool(s) are defective, and/or inoperable, they must be returned to Alpha Tool for inspection.This is the standard policy for all new (out of the box) and used Alpha power tools. Your item(s), will be inspected by Alpha, and a determination will be made on how to proceed with the warranty process.
What's Included?
  • Alpha ECG-125 5" Dustless Ecogrinder
  • Dust Bag with Hook and Look Strap
  • Dust Hose
  • Dust Gate with Anti-Back Flow Flap
  • Spring Loaded Flange Assembly
  • Carbon Brush Set
  • Open-end Spanner Wrench
  • Pin Spanner Wrench
  • Fan Belt Set (2 pcs)
  • Tope Handle with Screw and Lock Washers
  • 5 in. Grinding Wheel (DSQ0500)
  • Operator's Manual
Alpha EGC-125 Dustless Eco Grinder Specifications
Power10.25 amps / 1050 Watts
No-Load RPM8,700 RPM
Arbor7/8 in.
Wheel Size5 in.
Weight12.7 lbs (3.3 kg.)

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Alpha 5" dustless grinder

by - verified purchaser
the grinder is a serious piece of equipment. It made fast work at grinding off many layers of old paint from concrete in no time. It also made fast work at grinding down high spots too. It does kick up some dust but with a vacuum dust collector it keeps it to a minimum. Good investment.

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by - verified purchaser
Tool Is by far the biggest waste of money. It uses rubberbands to power the dust collector. Littlerly last about 20 minutes of grinding before the band falls off. Tool shows inherintly cheap production values. Large amount of vibrations transfered to your hands all and all peice of junk.

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