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7361 StoneTech High Gloss Water-Based Finish and Sealer

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SKU: 7361-1 Gal.
Stone Tech

Product Details

Product Details

Stone Tech High Gloss Water-Based Finish and Sealer


  • Two-in-one formula leaves a wet-look finish and protects against stains
  • Easy-to-use, water-based formula
  • Intended for interior use

Where to Use

  • Slate, saltillo, limestone, travertine and concrete floors
  • Not intended for use on glazed, polished, or non-absorbing surfaces, wood floors and decks, showers, counter tops, or near pool areas

Directions for Use

  • Ensure work area is well-ventilated during application and until surface is dry
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Surface must be thoroughly clean, dry, and free of any sealers or coatings before application
  • Application to a dirty or dusty surface will affect adhesion and appearance
  • High Gloss Finishing Sealer should not be applied to a wet or moist surface
  • Avoid applying onto surfaces not intended for treatment. For new installations, sealer can be applied as soon as 48–72 hours after grouting
  • Fresh concrete slabs require a minimum of 28 days to cure before applying the sealer
  • Liberally apply 2 to 4 even coats with a natural bristle brush, roller, or paint pad applicator
  • Do not apply product with a sprayer or sponge. Avoid puddling of liquid during application
  • Failure to apply a sufficient amount of sealer to the surface may result in an undesirable finish or degradation of the coating
  • More coats may be applied if desired
  • Allow 30–45 minutes between coats or until surface is dry to the touch
  • Surface traffic may begin 12 hours after final application; keep installation dry for a minimum of 12 hours; full cure is achieved in 24–48 hours
  • Keep surface clean and dry as finished surfaces may become slippery when wet

Available Sizes and Coverage

  • Quart: 25-75 sq ft
  • Gallon: 100-300 sq ft
  • 5 Gallon: 500-1,500 sq ft

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8/10/2015 1:09 pm

best stone treatment

by Larry

a little expensive, but worth the price. if you want the best quality results do not even bother buying other products because none of them compare to this sealer.

8/10/2015 1:11 pm

Buy this!

by Mike

pretty expensive, but works as advertised and it comes out shinny and clean

8/10/2015 1:15 pm

nice gloss finish

by Tommy B

very easy to use and it left a nice glossy seal which is still there after many uses

8/10/2015 1:18 pm


by Will

After using this on my slate it looked amazing!