StoneTech Restore Acidic Cleaner

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Product Details

Product Details

Stonetech Restore Acidic Cleaner


  • Heavy Duty Cleaner for tile and acid resistant stone, masonry and grout
  • Removes dirt, hard water deposits, efflorescence, and rust
  • It quickly renews the surface to a like-new appearance
  • Water-based, acidic formula
  • No VOC - Better indoor air quality
  • It can be diluted to light, medium and heavy duty use and also cleans tough soap scum and light grout haze
  • Great for use in heavy traffic areas
  • Sold in 1 Quart / 32oz Bottle and 1 Gallon Bottle

Where to Use

  • Interior floors and walls, stairs, countertops, exterior floors and walls, swimming pools, bathtub walls, showers, steam rooms
  • Acidic cleaners are great for smooth porcelain, ceramic and granite tiles. Do not use on natural stone or porous tiles as it can damage the surface

Directions for Use

  • Avoid skin and eye contact with product
  • Wear protective eye wear, gloves, long sleeves, and long pants while handling concentrate
  • Ensure work area is well-ventilated during application and until surface is dry
  • Dilute concentrated cleaner with warm water according to the mixing chart below
  • Mask off and protect any metals or other surfaces not intended to be treated. Apply mixed solution with a clean mop, or towel
  • Agitate with a scrub brush or floor machine as needed
  • Remove Stonetech Restore Acidic Cleaner using a clean cloth, wet/dry vacuum or damp mop
  • Rinse area well with clean water and wipe dry
  • Thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces with clean water, as well as clean and rinse equipment with water
  • Reseal cleaned area with a stonetech sealer

Dilute Concentrated Cleaner Mixing Chart
UseRestore Acidic CleanerWarm WaterpH
Heavy Duty1 Part1 Part‹1
Medium Duty1 Part4 Part1.2
Light Duty1 Part16 Part1.4

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