Raimondi Gladiator Advanced Wet Tile Saws

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Product Details

Product Details

Raimondi Gladiator Advance Wet Tile Saw

Raimondi's high quality, belt-driven Gladiator rail saw offers professional grade work when cutting granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired, bricks, cement, etc.


  • Straight, 45° bevel (Jolly) and plunge cuts
  • Rail pivots to a variety of angles for a perfect miter cut
  • Optional collapsible table extensions on both sides
  • Legs fold into the bottom of the water pan for ease of transporting
  • Cast and extruded aluminum framework
  • Easy-to-remove polypropylene 10 gallon tank for easy cleaning
  • Aluminum cutting tables
  • Floating blade guard
  • Heavy duty water pump and (2) jet nozzles (front or rear mounted)
  • Sliding motor assembly with cast aluminum housing
  • Material hold down guide, rolling table extension, and extension side square sold separately

What's Included?
  • Raimondi Gladiator Advanced Rail Saw
  • Built-In Stand (with Wheels)
  • 10 in G Slot Diamond Blade
  • 45°/90° Sliding Square
  • Dressing Stone
  • Water Pump
  • Wrench Kit
  • Operator's manual

Raimondi Gladiator Specifications
RaimondiGladiator 85Gladiator 105Gladiator 130
Voltage110V 110V 110V
Power1.5 hp1.5 hp1.5 hp
Blade RPM360036003600
Blade Capacity10 in, 5/8 in arbor10 in, 5/8 in arbor 10 in, 5/8 in arbor
Depth of Cut3 in3 in3 in
Length of Cut 34 in41 in51 in
Diagonally Cuts24 in x 24 in Tile29 in x 29 in Tile35 in x 35 in Tile
Weight132 lbs. 141 lbs. 172 lbs.
LxWxH50 in x 27 in x 31 in57 in x 27 in x 31 in68 in x 27 in x 31 in
ShippingTruck on PalletTruck on PalletTruck on Pallet
Questions & Answers
3 questions

Does the blade spin clockwise or counter clockwise (looking at the blade from the left side of the saw)?

The blade spins towards the splash guard. If you are looking at it from the left side (where the pull handle is located), the blade spins counter-clockwise.

What are the differences between the Gladiator and Zipper models?

The Zipper comes is able to use a 12" or 14" diamond blade which increases the max cutting depth to 4-3/4". Also, the Zipper has a more powerful 2.2 hp motor.

will this saw cut concrete pavers.

Yes, this will cut concrete pavers. You may want to purchase a new blade specifically manufactured for cutting concrete.

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1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by Zen Peak Construction -

I bought this saw last september. I have been eyeing it for years wondering if it's worth the price you pay. Well, if you are a setter that is maticulous about how straight your tile is and how precise every cut needs to be like me than this is the saw you need to have. I do only high end custom tile work were the customer demands high quality. let me tell you this, I have never owned a tool that made me a better setter until I bought this saw. The first time i used this saw was on a job I had to set a 1000 square feet of marble/granite tile checker board pattern with a border and 1/16" grout joints. this saw cut the marble/granite to exactly what i needed. If you take pride in your work and can't stand crooked lines and cuts this is the saw to have.

3/11/2015 7:43 pm

Excellent Tool

by WCC -

As it seems there is more and more demand these days for large format tile (24"+), we had to do something. Our old MK 101 just isn't any fun with that big tile so we bought this saw. After using it almost full time for a year now, I can say this saw delivers quality cutting and user ease. We use both the Porcellana and the T3 Razor, and it will trim 1/8" off of a 24" rip all day long and stay true and straight with the trimming staying intact. Mitering is just down-rite fun. The MK had a bevel table that was a complete pain to rip a bevel on even a 12" tile. This saw gets it done with the same ease as a 90º cut. It's a heavy beast but the wheels and handles on both ends are helpful and one person can set it up in about 2 minutes. The only downside is they were a bit stingy with the adjustable square. It only works on the right side. I wish they would have thrown in the left (accessory) square.

I cannot say enough good about this saw.

11/19/2015 7:21 pm

Very accurate

by Scott

Bought this saw to handle the demand of larger format tile. A lot of thought went into designing this saw. Very powerful, quiet and cuts dead on accurate. Cleaning the saw couldn't be easier. If you purchase this saw just be aware that the instructions are printed for saws sold in Europe. When changing your blade do not pay attention to the directional arrow stamped on the blade guard. In Europe they install the blade to spin counter clockwise. Even the arbor nut is removed opposite of what is stated in the owners manual. Called customer service at Contractors Direct and they were aware of these issues. Hopefully an American version owners manual will be available in the near future. Deserves six stars but had to give it only four stars strictly because of the lack of instructions not the performance of the saw.

4/27/2017 3:47 pm

Perfect saw for ripping plank tile

by Jim W -

This is one of the best investments I have ever made! With the popularity of wood plank porcelain tile growing this is the best solution I have found to rip down plank tile. The Raimondi Gladiator is an Awesome Italian Machine!!!!

4/27/2017 3:51 pm


by Andre A -

This is one of the best saws I have ever used!

7/25/2017 8:24 pm

Great saw, but...

by Alex

I agree with Scott. Great saw but the manual and blade guard are incorrect. The blade nut is reverse thread. I emailed CD and they gave me incorrect information as well.