Imer Koine 35 Single Phase Mortar and Plaster Sprayer

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Product Details

Product Details

Imer KOINE 35 Single Phase, 220V Mortar and Plaster Sprayer

Single-phase mortar plaster sprayer for dry premixed materials.

For the continuous mixing, spraying and pumping of pre-blended cement and gypsum based mortars, stucco, fireproofing, self-leveling under-layments and grouts.


  • Mixing chamber access is quick and easy. Clean up at the days end is simple
  • Continuous operation means that production is very efficient and effective. Run fast and run hard!
  • Self-priming water pump with stainless steel housing and brass impeller. A reliable and long lasting design
  • Continuous feed impeller, break a bag and get going automatically
  • Single-phase 5 HP motor with a gearbox drive reduction system
  • Modular design means you can knock it down into 4 pieces. Take it anywhere!
  • Handles for transport, for mobility throughout the job-site
  • Pump and spray up to 125 feet!
  • Continuous feed impeller blade makes sure that materials are broken up and ready to be mixed
  • 4 speed material flow rate delivers 17, 23, 30 or 36 cubic feet per hour

Standard Equipment

  • Continuous mixer
  • ECO-STAR stator and rotor
  • Material delivery pressure gauge
  • Control panel with exclusive IMER 4 speed inverter
  • Self-priming water pump
  • Water system with flow meter and NOFREEZE discharge valve
  • 64’ of electric cord
  • 64’ of water hose 13 mm (9/16)
  • 50’ of air hose 13 mm (9/16)
  • 50’ of material hose 50 mm (2)
  • Spray gun with nozzles
  • Hose cleaning kit with tool-box
  • Mixing chamber clean out tool
  • Remote pneumatic control

Technical Data

  • Power supply 220V/60Hz, 1 phase
  • Mixing and pumping motor 3 HP
  • Feeding impeller motor 1/2 HP
  • Electric compressor 1HP, 9 CFM
  • Material flow rate CF/h 17, 23, 30, 36
  • Maximum pumping distance* Ft. 125
  • Hopper capacity CF 4
  • Loading height In. 36
  • Dimensions width/length/height In. 27/62/47
  • Weight Lbs. 561
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) 76

Questions & Answers
11 questions

What king of material can be used? How long is the average mix time?

Use pre-blend bagged material. Mixing time can vary for the polymer to react with water.

What is the max hose length I can use?

Depending on the application, self leveling underlayment can travel long distance over 150 ft. horizontally, while other upward pumping like mortar applications would be limited to 60 ft. vertically. Consider the hardening time of the product used, fast setting materials would require shorter hose length. Different rotor and stator can increase distance but deliver lower flow rate.

Can I operate the pump remotely?

Yes using the compressor and a gun kit, opening the gun air valve will trigger and start the pressure switch on the compressor. Pump needs to be on forward mode, a flashing number and display "stop" indicating that the pump is on standy.

Can the Koine 35 pump continuously?

Yes, the Koine-35 uses a 100% duty motor that can truly run continuously 24/7. The inverted features a high temp shut down if ever needed.

How many fireproofing bags can it pump per hr ?

You will spray 7 to 10 bags depending on the density and the strator used.

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