1106045 Imer Small 50 Pumping & Spraying Machines

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I can spray materials ?

yes with the optional compressor and gun kit with 50 ft. air and material hoses.

What is the max hose length I can use?

Depending on the application, self leveling underlayment can travel long distance over 150 ft. horizontally, while other upward pumping like mortar applications would be limited to 60 ft. vertically. Consider the hardening time of the product used, fast setting materials would require shorter hose length. Different rotor and stator can increase distance but deliver lower flow rate.

Can I operate the pump remotely?

Yes the included wired control remote when plugged in will override the start and stop, when the pump is on. Reverse and stop will still function from panel.�When using the compressor and a gun kit, the wire remote is not needed, opening the gun air valve will trigger and start the pressure switch on the compressor. Pump needs to be on forward mode, a flashing number and display "stop" indicating that the pump is on standy.

How do I adjust the stator?

The small 50 as an adjustable stator, as abrasive material containing sand go thru will wear the stator over time. The adjustable bolts on the stator will squeeze a tighten the rubber inside the stator to maintain proper pressure.

Can the small 50 pump continuously ?

Yes, the small 50 uses a 100% duty motor that can truly run continuously 24/7. The inverted features a high temp shut down if ever needed.

How long will a rotor and stator last?

It s material dependent, when using a silky smooth material such as straight Portland cement very little wear will occur but If using a product that is very abrasive such as Euchoshot or with silica fume then maybe just a few hundred bags. Routine maintenance should be performed at the end of each work day to ensure that the rotor & stator are well calibrated.�Tip: To calibrate the stator, fill the hopper with water, set the speed to 50Hz, attach the material hose to the end of the pressure gauge. Kink the hose as you would a water hose and turn on the pump. The pressure gauge should read 120 to 140 PSI. if not then tighten evenly the 3 adjustable bolts on stator. If the pressure can t be reach then it s time to replace rotor and stator.

How many fireproofing bags can it pump per hr ?

You will spray 7 to 10 bags per hour depending on the density and the strator used.

What is the max aggregate size can I pump?

Do not use the stator with aggregate over 3/16", Sharp stone can also wear rubber stator prematurely. A rounded gravel would work best using no more than 30% stone per batch.

What is the maximum pressure that I can pump with?

Depending on the stator, the green 2L3 stator can achieve up to 300 PSI.

Does the hose need to be primed ?

Yes for grout, mortar, stucco any material contenting sand. Lower compressible materials calls for the hose to be primed. To prime the hose fill the mixing chamber with water and add 2 shovels of portland cement into the chamber. Add material to the hooper, switch on the feeding wheel and start the pump pushing the cement slurry followed by the material or pour mixed up cement directly into the hose before attaching to the pump. Failure to prime the hose can result in clog in the hose. Slurry priming not needed with fireproofing self leveling underlayment, acrylics and epoxies.

How many 50 lb. bags can it pump per hour?

The Small 50 with the standard stator can pump one 50 lb bag per minute or 60 bags per hour. Different materials may have different yield per bag depending on the density and water volume.�A bag of non-shrink grout is about .45 CF per bag. A bag of fireproofing material could yield 4+ CF per 50 lb. bag. The fow rate with the standard stator is 3.5 GPM.�Adding more hose or pumping higher can reduce the flow rate causing a higher working pressure and friction in the line.

What is the vibrating hopper used for?

The screen is there to filter out any large stones that might make their way into the pump. The Feeding hopper is like the Vibrating Screen but it allows you to open the grill to gain access to the hopper sides, allowing for tamping or scraping the hopper sides without stopping the pump.

Could this be used for small slab jacking jobs?


Yes, this product can be used for that application.

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