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1106045 Imer Small 50 Pumping & Spraying Machines

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Product Details

Product Details

Imer Small 50 Multipurpose Pumping, Spraying Machines

Use with all types of finish coatings. Quickly and easily apply materials such as plasters, mortars, stucco (cement and synthetic based) fire proofing, sound proofing and paint. Pump grout to fill blocks, metal door bucks, self leveling materials, epoxy, almost any material with aggregate no bigger than 1/4"

The pump is controlled by the operator either with the 5 volt remote start/stop or, when used with the optional diaphragm compressor, is controlled with the open and closing of the valve at the gun. A rheostat controls the motor RPM which means that you have total control of the flow to match with the material being applied. All of the operation is controlled by the panel which can detect the wrong voltage and shut down as a safety. The unit will sense a jamb and cut the power to the pump. Thermal overloads are in place on the 100% duty cycle motor. This means that the motor can run all day, every day. The control panel will sense an overload before the thermal protection on the motor. This is just the level of how safe, secure and sophisticated this machine is.

The optional IM250 Small 50 Compressor is needed when used for spraying applications. The oil-less, continuous flow, low PSI high CFM compressor is the lungs of the unit. The pumping action is all on the operator. With the air valve closed the compressor senses back pressure and turns off the compressor and the pump motor. When the valve is re-opened the compressor and the pump kick on again to start where you left off.

There are 2 different nozzles for spraying. One is for heavy materials that needs to be built up such as fire proofing materials and mortars. The other nozzle is used for spraying of thinner coats such as acrylic stucco and coatings. This nozzle comes with different orifice sizes and when used without the compressor, makes a great tool for pointing, filling in cracks and joints in between stone walls.

Note: The pump is sold separately from the application kits as the kit chosen depends upon the work needed to be performed.


  • Stainless steel hopper, Stator and screw, Electric 5 volt remote with 53' of cable, Provision for pneumatic control, Provision for vibrating screen, Pressure meter unit, Accessory box (cleaning tool, clean-out foam ball, tips)
  • Hooper capacity 12.5 Gallons
  • Load height 25"
  • 1-3/4 hp., 18 Amp 110 Volts motor
  • Stator screw RPM controlled by variable rheostat 8-140 RPM
  • Maximum pumping distance with 3/4" hose 50ft. with 1" hose 85 ft
  • Discharge head 50-60 ft. vertical lift
  • Weight 150lbs
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, it's a money making machine!
  • An on board computer balances the spray rate with the pumping volume, this prevents clogging, an error message followed by a number will display to help you with the troubleshooting

ModelIMER Small 50
Hopper Cap.12.5 gal.
Loading Height25"
Motor1.75 hp
Weight150 lbs
Shipping Freight Truck

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