Cleform Gilson 8 cu. ft. Grout Plaster & Mortar Mixer 800MP

All Gilson mortar/plaster mixers incorporate an aggressive 4/2 paddle design that creates quality, batch-a-minute results while reducing excessive material buildup. Separate end drums decrease internal drag and create a more efficient, complete batch. Drum shaft seals and paddle shaft bearings make inspection and maintenance of your Gilson mixer a snap.


  • Choose between 8 hp Honda gas motor or 3 hp Electric dual voltage motor (115/230 V)
  • Paddle system includes 4 drum scrapers and 2 end scrapers on opposed mixing arms for thorough mixing and less drum clean-up
  • Aggressive mixing system with adjustable steel and rubber blades
  • Square paddle shaft design for less slipping and better efficiency
  • Heavy steel drum grill with bag splitter
  • Double belt drive with machined cast iron pulleys
  • Heavy steel drum grill with bag splitter.
  • For convenience and safety the reverse paddle direction allows you to move the paddles the opposite direction to break free from a jam.
  • Increased power and a large drum capacity is perfect for any size job.
  • Overload sensor preserves equipment and increases operator safety.
  • Structural steel design.
  • Easy removable toe pole with 2” ball connector.
  • “U” Spring suspension.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse.
  • This is a made to order item that takes 7-10 days
Technical Specs
  • Drum diameter 24".
  • Drum Thickness 12 ga. Wrap 3/16" Ends.
  • Tole Pole 2-3/8" telecoping.
  • Tire O.D. 25".
  • 12 gauge steel drum.
  • Roller bearings w/ triple seal. 

Cleform Gilson 800MP Mortar Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity9.8 cu. ft.
Batch Output8 cu. ft.
Discharge Height24 inch
Bag Capacity2 bags (88 lbs. pre-mix)
Max RPM33
Dimensions79" x 50" x 56"

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