CS Unitec Concrete & Mortar Mixers

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CS Unitec Concrete & Mortar Mixers

PMP80 CS Unitec Pelican Cart with Canister

  • For easy transporting and pouring of building materials
  • Transport cart boosts productivity, lowers labor costs and reduces physical effort
  • PP600 CS Unitec Hand-held Mixer Clamp for Pelican Cart

  • Attaches a hand-held mixer to the Pelican Cart frame allowing user to mix
  • TWINMIX1800 CS Unitec Mixing Station

  • Mix mortar, plaster, leveling compound, and other medium to high-viscosity materials
  • Dust extraction port keeps the jobsite clean
  • Powerful 2-speed, 15 Amp motor
  • 32333000 CS Unitec TwinMix 1800 Big Wheel Pouring Cart with 2 Wheels

  • Big wheel cart for TwinMix 1800 Mixing Station
  • 2 large wheels for improved mobility
  • Great for transporting mixed material on rough terrain
  • 9748 CS Unitec Portamix Hippo Mixing Station

    $2,398.67 to $2,492.00
  • Mix, Transport and Pour Directly Onto the Floor.
  • Bucket capacity: 20 gal of mixed material.
  • 2 Mixing paddle included, 8" diameter and 27" long.
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    9749 CS Unitec Portamix Hippo Replacement Paddles

    $296.65 to $322.07
  • TW225 for half-batches (2-3 bags);  ideal for plasters, concrete mortars, resins and tile adhesives.
  • TW225D for full batches (5-6 bags) ideal for self-leveling compounds, screeds, paints, plasters and epoxy. 
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