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  • 24949 Rubimix 9-N Mixer With Chuck & Paddle

24949 Rubimix 9-N Mixer With Chuck & Paddle

6 Reviews
SKU: 24949
Rubi Tools

Product Details

Product Details

Rubimix-9N Electric Mixer with Chuck and M120-R Paddle

The Rubimix 9-N Electric Mixer is a powerful 10 Amp mixer designed for mixing cementitious adhesives, resins, paints and other materials.


  • Powerful 10 Amps, 1,200 Watts motor
  • Designed for mixing cementitious adhesives, resins, paints and other materials
  • Variable dual Speeds (1st 0-620 RPM - 2nd 0-810 RPM)
  • 2 speed gearbox and progressive switch (R.P.M. regulation) to optimize the mixing of each material
  • Quick and easy to change the brushes. High comfort
  • Safety lock to prevent unexpected start
  • Can mix all day long without overheating
  • New and improved handle for great stability and comfort, it allows a comfortable work position
  • For mixing up to 17 gls. ( 65L.) of mortar adhesive, facing cement, etc.)
  • Maximum mixing paddles: 5 " (140 mm)

What's Included?

  • Rubimix 9-N Mixer
  • Chuck Adapter
  • Mixing paddle M-120-R with M-14 thread
  • Wrench
  • Extra Set of Brushes
  • Operator's Manual

Rubimix 9-N Mixer Specifications
Power10 amps
RPM1st 0-620, 2nd 0-810
ConnectionM14 thread (comes with 1/2" chuck)
Weight13 lbs

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by Mr.U -

Lots of torque. Whips up thinset in a minute. Way less fatigue that using my hand drill. Four-star only because I've only I've only used it one day. I would have preferred a quick-connect chuck but that may be asking for too much at that price. Good product.

12/12/2015 1:03 pm

Early to tell but couple things not cool

by Miller Tile and Stone -

Seems like a good mixer, except for the chuck, the metal inside is soo soft it stripped out immediately ,at least it's replaceable. Also while mixing the 8th or 9th time the paddle stopped spinning for awhile, after stopping and starting a few times it engaged again and spun fine. I'll hope for the best but not off to a great start. Maybe I got a dud?
<br>[from: Contractors Direct - This happens on a small percentage of Rubimix-9BL Mixer. This is covered by warranty. Contact our customer service if you have this problem.]

1/25/2016 11:29 pm

Exceeded my expectations!

by Bob

I have been using this mixer for over 5 months now and I have to say that it is a quality mixer with cool features like variable speeds, easy to use and chuck is included. Also mixing paddle included in the box is high quality. Stop using a drill and buy this mixer!

1/31/2017 9:56 pm

Used daily

by jason

I have been using this mixer daily for about the last six months and I love it.
<br>I have never bothered to use the chuck. The paddle that comes with it screws in so you never have to deal with a chuck that keeps coming loose. This has a variable speed which is great for controlling splashing when mixing while pouring in the powder.
<br>I use first gear full speed for mortar and second gear full speed for leveler mixing. This is plenty strong and I expect it to last for a long time. Very nice set up.
<br>The way the paddle is shaped like a corkscrew instead of an eggbeater it never wants to spin on me. If anything it makes it hard to lift because the paddle wants to pull downward. So much less torque working against you than when using the drill to mix. I used to use a milawaukee holehawg to mix.

3/10/2019 12:18 pm

Awesome mixer

by Steve J

Ordered paddle mixer came on date promised works great plenty of power for tough mixing jobs

2/4/2021 8:45 am

2 Month Review

by Hunter J.

I got Mine at a local tile shop and have really been happy with it the 2 handle design is super comfortable. I'm mixing deck mud with an auger bit all the time for shower pans. I do allot of self Leveling compound and on a recent job I did 14 bags back to back and it wasnt even working that hard. and of course I mix a bunch of thinset and this thing works great.
<br>Side note ive never liked these spiral mixing bits but the one that this one comes with is actually doing a great job mixing. its my go to for self leveling and for mixing looser thinsets like Ardex x5, x90 and x 77.
<br>my only critique is that there is no way to lock it into the ON position. When you have to mix something for 5 min it would be nice to just just flip a switch and let it ride. other than that ive had no issues so far but i have a 19 bag shower pan to float here really soon so ill see how it does mixing that much deck mud, If you dont see an update that means it didnt catch on fire.