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Raimondi Leveling System 1/16" Large White Clips

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Product Details

Product Details

Raimondi Leveling System 1/16" Large White Clips

Raimondi 1/16" Large Tile Leveling Clips easily eliminate tile lippage. The large white Raimondi clips can be used with tiles between 1/2" and 3/4" thick to provide consistently level results every time.


  • If you're a tile installer, you're well aware of how difficult it is to properly set flexible, large format, or heavy tiles because often times the floor foundation is uneven and/or contains imperfections
  • Tiles that seemed uniformly level during installation can shift as the tile adhesive sets, compromising the overall aesthetics of your initial hard work
  • With Raimondi Leveling Clips, this potential is no longer a threat to your hard work
  • In addition to ensuring the proper leveling of tiles, this system helps to speed up the tile setting process
  • Greatly improves the overall quality of your tile project
  • Both installation and removal of the spacers are quick and easy!
  • Can be used for either wall or floor tile projects
  • Clip and wedge system evenly pushes tiles into thinset to achieve flat, even results
  • Rather than worrying about voids and coverage, RLS clip spacers further enhance the thinset adhesion to your tiles

Technical Data

  • Large Leveling Clip size: 1/2" up to 3/4" tile, 1/16" grout joint
  • Minimum required joint: 1/16"
  • Tile thickness minimum required 1/2", max 3/4"

How to use

  • STEP 1: After spreading your tile adhesive, insert leveling clip spacer underneath the tiles along the 4 sides - use traditional spacers as you normally would to square up the corners. For larger tiles, it may be necessary to "double up", using 2 leveling spacers for each side
  • STEP 2: Set the tile and beat it with a rubber mallet
  • STEP 3: Use the special traction-adjustable pliers to insert the wedge into the leveling spacers, paying attention not to pass the clip's breakpoint
  • STEP 4: Once the tile adhesive has been allowed to set, remove the leveling spacers with the traction-adjustable pliers, rubber mallet, or kicking them out with your feet

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10/27/2021 4:27 am

Leveling vlips

by Lyle

These leveling clips are the best! I’ve tried a half dozen types of leveling systems and have seem these to work the easiest.