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USG Durock Pre-Sloped Shower Pan Kit

The Durock Shower System makes waterproofing shower installations easier and faster. With a 3-pound density, the molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) shower tray is exceptionally strong, offering greater support for the tile covering in shower applications. Designed with an optimal 2% slope, it's also more comfortable to stand on and easily accepts a wide variety of tile shapes and sizes. Despite its strength, this lightweight shower tray easily cuts with a knife, is dust free and comes in four standard sizes. Includes all of the components you need to build a fully bonded, waterproof shower system that is made to accept tile covering. The preformed, pre-pitched shower base can easily be installed as the pieces become perfectly interlocked. The drain assembly and shower tray disk will connect to a PVC or ABS connection, as both connections are included within the shower system. The tray disk will help you vertically and horizontally align the drain grate assembly.

What's Included?

  • Your Choice Size of Shower Tray
  • Shower Curb(s)
  • Drain Kit Assembly Without Grate
  • 36" x 50' Membrane Roll
  • 5" x 50' Membrane Band
  • 4 Inside Corners (2-packs)
  • 2 Outside Corners (1-pack)
  • 1 Pipe Seal
  • 1 Mixing Valve Seal
  • Operator's manual


  • Easy-to-position drain assembly that accepts all Durock Shower System 4" and 5" grate options - Click Here for Grate Options (Comes with all pieces needed for grate installation)
  • Durock Waterproofing Membrane - a pliable, durable, sheet-applied membrane and vapor retarder with a uniform thickness of 0.12" (.3 mm) that makes installation easy without excessive buildup
  • The prefabricated pre-slope shower tray installs more quickly than conventional mud-bed showers
  • The shower tray disk is a durable ABS disk that features an integrated, removable sub floor cutout template. It provides solid support under the drain and features clock marks for alignment of the shower tray the grate and your preferred tile layout
  • Ideal for new construction and repair or remodel projects
  • Dramatically reduces installation time compared to conventional mud-bed showers
  • Gradual pre-slope allows for easy installation of tile

Available Sizes

  • 48" x 48" Center Drain Shower Kit (170132) - Package Dimensions - 51" x 27" x 9", 25 lbs
  • 32" x 60" Offset Drain Shower Kit (170133) - Package Dimensions - 51" x 32" x 9", 28 lbs
  • 32" x 60" Center Shower Kit (170134) - Package Dimensions - 51" x 32" x 9", 28 lbs

Questions & Answers (3)

5/16/2018 9:20:02 pm

I need a 48" X 60" shower kit with offset drain and 60" curb.
What do you recommend?

This size would require a custom shower pan please call 800-709-0002 or email orders@contractorsdirect.com for more information.

9/16/2018 1:22:11 pm

I neet a 30=78 base left drain

This is not a standard size made by USG but it can be ordered as a custom pan. Please fill out this form https://www.contractorsdirect.com/PDF/usg-custom-shower-tray-form.pdf and send to orders@contractorsdirect.com and we can get pricing for you.

11/26/2018 4:00:03 pm

This kit does not include the grate... correct? When I look up grates, that includes things like the construcuctionn plug, grate tray, etc... are these included in the shower kit? I just want to make sure I have what I need and not duplicates. Thank you!

Correct the grate is not included in the kit and the items that come with the grate are just included with the grate and not the shower kit so no duplicate items will be received. 

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