9389 RAC-A-TAC with 3" Casters and Chest Support

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Manufacturer: Racatac





RAC-A-TAC Rolling Knee Pads with 3" Casters and Chest Support

This model would be your choice if you need to move rather quickly in a lateral position, using it mostly on rough surfaces, have large feet or long legs, or work mostly kneeling/sitting, such as auto body repair and PDR techs, painters, fabricators, etc.


  • Chest support will allow you to work in a supported leaning over position, while sitting and kneeling on the Racatac
  • Speed and comfort for a demanding job
  • Comfortable, web spring seat
  • Adjusts from 11.5" to 15.5" high
  • Made in the USA
  • Thick foam inner knee pads for all day comfort
  • 3" polyurethane ball bearing casters
  • Weighs 14 lbs, load capacity 300 lbs

Questions & Answers (11)

9/15/2015 11:57:03 am

Is the Tool Tray included with the Rolling Knee Pads and Chest Support?

Yes, the Racatac Tool Tray is included with the Racatac Rolling Knee Pads and Chest Support.

5/12/2017 9:29:29 pm

Is the chest support removable?

The chest support is easily removed and it can also purchase separately.

7/7/2017 12:05:21 pm

What are the weight limits for this unit?

The manufacturer weight limit is 300 lb.

6/10/2018 8:37:51 pm

What is the weight and size when it is made up and size when it has the chest support and seat removed?

Kind Regards
Michael Hope

The weight of the Racatac is approximately 14 lbs.

Height (ground to top of support): 25"
Length: 17"
Width: 19"
Disassembled Height: 7"

8/1/2018 7:46:18 pm

Which pieces are included in this?

This item is the full Racatac with 3" casters and this package includes the chest support.

5/21/2019 3:02:21 pm

What length chest support post is included?

The steel post included for the chest support measures 12".

6/21/2019 3:19:28 pm

Does the 3" casters roll smoother than 2" or does it matter?

Both size casters will roll just as smooth as the other. The only difference would be the height. A customer would purchase the 3" caster if they would like to be higher off the ground.

7/8/2019 6:09:41 pm

I have a creeper already however as I live in Florida and now need to use my equipment I find the 3" wheels are disentrigating. I would like to find out how I can purchase new wheels.

We sell 3" replacement casters for the Rac-A-Tac available here.

1/16/2020 12:15:41 pm

Can a person 6'6" fit on this?

There are no height restrictions for the Racatac, however, the chest support may not be in the ideal position for someone that is 6' 6".

3/9/2020 3:01:42 pm

Can you get replacement covers for the chest pad?

We do not sell the covers for the chest support, just the entire chest support assembly. Chest support can be purchased here.

8/6/2020 5:54:14 pm

Do u ship to the uk?

Yes, we ship to the UK.  Please contact our customer service center or request a quote via e-mail at orders@contractorsdirect.com.

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No More Back Attack

by -

Working on floors and any activity which requires kneeling or bending. I even use it to wash my dogs in the bathtub. No more lower back aches or sore knees and feet. Two men I know have and use them and it makes a huge difference especially when you are not 18 years old anymore.


by -

If U Wk On Ur Knees This Will Save Ur Body-It Is Worth Every $ N Years From Now U Will B Grateful - Have A Set Of ProKnee Guards That Are Wonderful 2 But This Is Even Better- 31 year old union journeyman tile/brick layer - my dad insisted I get both this and ProKnee and I should have listen years ago-would have been in better shape if I had - you need both, but if you get only one this Rac A Tac with 3" Casters & Chest Support is a absolute must 2 stay healthy n wk with comfort, easy n quickest-should b required equipment-don't cripple urself with deformed body parts from years of wking on ur knees n b smart-can't replace ur body-we put thousands into equipment to wk with n don't 2 protect us-this will do that n let you enjoy a longer life-have I said enough 2 convince u yet-if not u will have a much shorter n painful career

Trades Best Kept Secret

by -

Great for Cabinet Hardware Excellent Weight Distribution Better Rolling Performance on Carpet would be nice

Works great!

by -

This is a great item, it saved my knees and back while refinishing our hardwood floors. I have to admit is not easy to get into or out of, for this almost 60 year old. But once you get the hang of it, it does as promised.

Racatac w/chest rest---Excellent product, highly recommended- 25 out of 5 stars


I bought this to use to install a fairly large area of porcelin tile. I just completed the project and can't say enough good about this product.

I would have paid $2200 vs $227 knowing now how it worked for me. I finished the project in about 1/4 the time i would have having not had the racatac. Also the chest support was extremlely helpful. It also was removed when reaching out longer distances. Also, the 3" casters worked great for my size 14 feet.

racatac with chest support


This has been one of the best tools I have ever bought. If you do flooring of any kind this is for you. It helps to keep your back from getting so tired. It's a quality product. Worth every dollar.

Great tool

by -

Awesome for open areas. Took a while for me to get used to but once I got the adjustment height of the seat and chest support locked in its pretty comfortable to be on all day. Knee pads are a little stiff but switched out for a little softer ones and I can really move on this thing.. ..troweling, skim coating, glueing this thing is legit. Rolls pretty good on Comercial carpet which I was skeptical..

Bent the tip stop the first day granted I am 250 lbs but would suggest using a steal stopper instead of aluminum.. guess they were trying to keep the weight down.. changed that as well not a big deal..

All and all good buy

Great product!


Awesome product. I'm tiling a 1500 sq ft home and this is a God send. Really makes it easy on the knees

Easy to use and comfortable


I spent 6 hours a day for the last week installing rubber base. I don't think I could have done it without this. It rolled easily on the carpet and all my tools were handy. It's a must have for flooring/base installs.

Excellent tool


One of the best tools I have purchased. It makes working on your knees almost effortless.

Very satisfied


Awesome exactly what I was looking for received in a timely manner at a great price

Great Customer Service


I was very pleased with customer service when ordering this item. I was given a delivery date but I received the item even sooner. Excellent service and we love the RAC-A-TAC.

Awesome product


Bought this for my son. He does body work and says this is awesome! He is more efficient.

Definitely recommend this tool from this business


I do epoxy flooring and polish concrete edges. This tool is a life saver for prep work instead of using knee pads. Would definitely recommend this product and this business for the tool. Shipping was quick and everything was as described

Buy it now


Wish I knew about this years ago! Have used it for painting baseboard, small drywall repairs and grinding off the oil finish of a 300 square foot deck. This will find a place in my truck whenever I have a kneeling project.