Wedi Subliner Flex Isolation Mat Roll, 30m x 1m (323 sq. ft.), US5000006

Crack-bridging decoupling membrane made from stable reinforcing fabric that ensures excellent adhesion of tile-setting compounds thanks to its special fleece layer on each side.


  • To install mat, use the same modified thinset above and below the mat.
  • For decoupling and reducing tension between top layers of ceramic tiles, slabs, and natural stone and the substrate for interior applications only.
  • For high crack bridging particularly in the field of refurbishment and reconstruction with low structural height.
  • Suitable for all load-bearing surfaces and mixed surfaces such as concrete floors, cement, anhydrite and mastic asphalt screeds, old parquet floors with good bonding, and cement, lime-cement and gypsum plasters.
Surface requirements
  • All surfaces should be solid, load-bearing and even.
  • Surfaces should be free from dust, dirt, loose components and separating agents such as oil, grease, wax, paint and coatings.
  • All absorbent mineral surfaces should be primed. Smooth or non-absorbent surfaces that cannot be removed should also be primed.
  • Concrete and lightweight concrete should be at least 3 months of age.
Product Properties
  • Tension-reducing underlay for ceramic and natural stone floor coverings.
  • Flexible and crack-bridging.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Direct load transfer to surface finish.
  • Alkali-resistant.
  • Non-ageing.
  • Rot-proof.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick installation.
  • Can be used with hot-water floor heating systems.
  • Suitable for use with electric floor heating systems.
  • Low structural height.
  • High compound adhesion with Wedi installation materials.

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