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5896 Arc Inc. Waterproofing Kits

$176.00 to $424.00
  • Pre-assembled kits for waterproofing showers constructed with TrueDEK shower foundations
  • Select a kit based on an installer’s needs and preferences
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    WP3301-SUP Arc Inc. Waterproofing Supply Gasket

  • Use for supply lines to shower heads, hand held devices, jets, spray, and steam heads
  • Acts as an anti-fracture protection between substrates and hard surface coverings
  • 5898 Arc Inc. Joint Reinforcement Tape

    $52.00 to $799.20
  • Joint reinforcement tape is a rugged, flexible tape for covering joints to prevent penetration of moisture and provide a foundation for tile or stone
  • Choose between 25, 50 and 490 ft. rolls
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    WP3101-INT Arc Inc. Internal Waterproofing Corner

  • A rugged, flexible, preformed corner tape for covering joints
  • Prevent penetration of moisture and provide a sound foundation for tile or stone overlayments
  • 5897 Arc Inc. TANK/10 Waterproofing Compound

    $111.20 to $180.00
  • Ready-to-use liquid paste latex waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane
  • For use under commercial and residential tile and stone for interior and exterior applications
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