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8542 Mapeheat 120V Radiant-Heating Cable

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$179.00 to $574.00
$179.00 to $574.00

Product Details

Product Details

Mapeheat 120V Floor Heating Cable

Mapeheat Cable offers flexible spacing for varying watt density, allowing installers flexibility on the jobsite. The coverage in the chart below are estimated based on a square area with an unheated border of 2" (5 cm). Actual coverage will vary depending on the number of turns in the cable path (with more turns resulting in slightly less coverage).


  • For use with Mapeheat uncoupling and waterproofing floor heat membrane
  • Snaps directly into the mambrane
  • Once heat cable is set, the surface is ready for thinset and tiling
  • Power output is 10 to 15 W per sq. ft. (depending on wire spacing)
  • Minimum bending radius is 1/2" (12 mm)
  • Heating cables are 2-wire, grounded, twisted pair with PVC outer jacket

Note: A professional tile setter or licensed electrician must install the Mapeheat Cable onto the subfloor. A licensed electrician must connect a Mapeheat floor-heating system to household wiring.

Mapeheat 120V Heating Cable Specifications
ModelHeating Cable LengthCurrencyTotal PowerCoverage for 3-Pillar Spacing
(Low Output)
Coverage for 2/3/2-Pillar Spacing
(Standard Output)
Coverage for 2-Pillar Spacing
(High Output)
285510129 ft. (8.8 m)0.7 amps80 W9 sq. ft. (0.8 m²)8 sq. ft. (0.7 m²)6 sq. ft. (0.6 m²)
285810147 ft. (14.3 m)1.2 amps138 W14 sq. ft. (1.3 m²)12 sq. ft. (1.1 m²)10 sq. ft. (0.9 m²)
285820157 ft. (17.4 m)1.4 amps170 W17 sq. ft. (1.6 m²)15 sq. ft. (1.4 m²)12 sq. ft. (1.1 m²)
285830198 ft. (29.9 m)2.5 amps299 W30 sq. ft. (2.8 m²)25 sq. ft. (2.3 m²)21 sq. ft. (2.0 m²)
2858401120 ft. (36.6 m)2.9 amps343 W36 sq. ft. (3.3 m²)31 sq. ft. (2.9 m²)25 sq. ft. (2.3 m²)
2858501148 ft. (45.1 m)3.7 amps442 W45 sq. ft. (4.2 m²)38 sq. ft. (3.5 m²)31 sq. ft. (2.9 m²)
2858601188 ft. (57.3 m)4.7 amps562 W57 sq. ft. (5.3 m²)48 sq. ft. (4.5 m²)39 sq. ft. (3.6 m²)
2858601188 ft. (57.3 m)4.7 amps562 W57 sq. ft. (5.3 m²)48 sq. ft. (4.5 m²)39 sq. ft. (3.6 m²)
2858701234 ft. (71.3 m)6 amps719 W71 sq. ft. (6.6 m²)60 sq. ft. (5.6 m²)49 sq. ft. (4.6 m²)
2858801265 ft. (80.8 m)6.8 amps810 W81 sq. ft. (7.5 m²)68 sq. ft. (6.3 m²)55 sq. ft. (5.1 m²)
2858901318 ft. (96.9 m)7.9 amps947 W97 sq. ft. (9 m²)82 sq. ft. (7.6 m²)66 sq. ft. (6.1 m²)
2859101334 ft. (101.8 m)8.5 amps1,021 W102 sq. ft. (9.5 m²)86 sq. ft. (8 m²)69 sq. ft. (6.4 m²)
2859201377 ft. (114.9 m)9.7 amps1,161 W115 sq. ft. (10.7 m²)97 sq. ft. (9 m²)78 sq. ft. (7.2 m²)
2859301423 ft. (128.9 m)10.8 amps1,299 W129 sq. ft. (12 m²)109 sq. ft. (10.1 m²)88 sq. ft. (8.2 m²)
2859401474 ft. (144.5 m)12.2 amps1,461 W145 sq. ft. (13.5 m²)122 sq. ft. (11.3 m²)98 sq. ft. (9.1 m²)

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