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Laticrete waterproof shower wall panels

Laticrete Shower HYDRO BAN Board - 7 Pack



Can this be installed on a ceiling?

You can use these on a ceiling installation and just will need the screws with the tab washers when using these boards on the ceiling to maintain a full waterproof install.

Can the boards be purchased in quanity less than 7 ?

Unfortunately at this time a 7 pack is the smallest quantity that we offer on these boards.

Can this product be "wet shimmed"?

Laticrete recommends using the HYDRO BAN Board Tab Washer and Screws to attach to metal or wood framing.

I need 8 pieces...can a single piece be added to the seven or do I have to buy two 7 piece packages?

For shipping purposes, the only quantities that we can ship are 7-packs and a full 60-piece pallet.

We offer any quantity purchase for our walk-in customers at our location in Hamden, Connecticut.

Do I need to use the Laticrete hydro ban waterproofing membrane on top of this? What else would I need to use along with this to tile around the tub? Thank you.

Yes, you need to use HYDRO BAN Waterproofing Membrane on the seams and screws/washers to maintain a fully waterproof installation. The screws and washers are sold separately. You will also need to use the Hydro Ban Seal and Adhesive 10.3 oz tube in between your movement joints (item 9099-0601-2).

I'm building an ICF house, so putting polystyrene over poly doesn't make sense. Is there a benefit to using the Hydro board over the ICF?

Hydro Ban Board is designed for use as a waterproof board in shower installs, a thermal break under StrataHeat system and as a general floor underlayment for waterproofing properties. The application for an ICF installation is not the intended use of Hydro Ban Board.

in the above picture, the boards are attached to wood studs without washers. Is this acceptable for warranty purposes?

Yes, you do not need the washers when attaching the boards to the walls but washers are still recommended when using the boards on the ceiling.

Can I install subway tile with mastic over this

Yes, these boards can be used for that application.

Can I use the Laticrete Hydro Ban boards for the sides of a shower placed on top of a Schluter pre-sloped pan if I use the sealant on the bottom of the HBB & the Laticrete sealing tape?

Our recommendation would be to use the Laticrete system with the Laticrete boards. The problem that arises when mixing these systems is that there is no testing done for the combination. It’s hard to say that it would work or that it would not work. I would highly recommend to stick to one system. This way you would benefit from the warranty and know that the system works.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require any additional help at 800-709-0002 or by email at

Can these be set into the shower pan basin as long as you use the sealant?

No, you cannot use the Hydro ban Boards to be set into the shower pan basin even with the use of their sealant. You would need to use their pre-sloped pan instead.