Husqvarna CURE (K) 5G

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Product Details

Product Details

Husqvarna CURE (K) 5 Gallon Jug

CURE (K) is a potassium silicate and is ideal for densification early in the grinding process or for use on porous or trowelled floors.


  • Used as densifier and hardener on troweled concrete
  • Can be used on all calcareous floor coverings, such as grinded/polished and troweled concrete floors, cementitious screeds, terrazzo, terrazzo tiles, etc
  • It is perfect for use on porous or trowelled floors and for early densification during the grinding process because of its high viscosity and fairly quick reaction time
  • The silica blend improves the density and hardness of concrete and reduces the penetration of liquids and dirt

How It Works

  • It penetrates deep into the surface and react with calcium hydroxide present in the concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), which progressively hydrate to a glass-like crystalline structure
  • Will make the concrete abrasion and scratch resistant while also adding basic stain resistance, limiting efflorescence and dustproofing your surface


The surface that is going to be treated wtih CURE (K) must be dry and free from dust and other impurities. To ascertain the consumption of the concrete surface, make a separate sample area to test prior to use.

  • Step 1 - Ensure the concrete floor has been ground with 100 grit metal bond diamonds to better expose the pores in the concrete
  • Step 2 - Thoroughly clean the floor and use a foam squeegee to remove any dust or debris
  • Step 3 - Use a micro fiber mop to facilitate a homogenous and efficient coverage and treatment
  • Step 4 - Keep surface moist for 20 minutes and then remove surplus material
  • Step 5 - Let Dry - Drying time will be around 1-2 hours (*Note that if the product is applied between grinding steps, the product should be left to harden for approx. 8 hrs)
  • Step 6 - Any sequential grinding or troweling is normally continued the next day

Approximate Coverage

Depending on the absorption, following values are to be assumed

  • For grinded/polished surface: approx. 14 sq/ft / Gal (5m² / liter)
  • For trowelled surfaces: approx. 28 sq/ft / Gal (10m² / liter)

CURE K Shelf Life

  • Unopened containers have a 1 year shelf life from the date of manufacture
  • Opened cans should be worked up as soon as possible

Health & Safety

  • Husqvarna CURE (K) is harmless to health after curing; A good ventilation should be provided during and after the application
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