SG10 Bartell 10" Green concrete Saw, Subaru EX21, 7 hp

High-speed. Lightweight. Perfect for making clean cuts into newly poured concrete.

  • Great for relief joint sawing in new concrete.
  • Powered by a 7 hp Subaru engine with two-stage air filtration.
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort.
  • Self guided front & rear control bars keep you cutting straight.
  • Large polyurethane wheels with sealed ball bearings for smooth tracking.
  • 2” vacuum port to assist in dust control.
  • No special skid plates required.
  • Includes 10'' Bartell Green Concrete/Asphalt Diamond Blade.
  • Standard 5/8” arbor.
  • Center mounted blade for straight cuts every time.
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort.
  • Fastest saw on the market, can be used to make clean cuts into newly poured “green” concrete or general slab cutting.
  • The combination of a center mounted blade and dual roller guides gives the operator the tools to make straight cuts every time.
  • Unique 6000 rpm blade shaft speed allows the blade to “slice” through green concrete cleanly, without disturbing the aggregate.
  • Screw feed depth adjustment.
Bartell SG10 10" Green Concrete Saw
Blade Size7 in. - 10 in.
MotorSubaru/Robin EX21 - Gas
Horse Power7 hp (5 kW)
Max Depth Green1-1/2 in. (37 mm)
Max Depth Cured3-1/4 in. (82 mm)
Arbor5/8 in.
Dimensions44 in. x 15 in. x 31 in.
Weight110 lbs

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