Imer IM250 Small 50 Diaphragm compressor

  • Includes 53 ft of air hose Ø 1/2" with couplings.
  • Spraying fireproofing, repair mortar, stucco base coat (1/8” or more of build-up).
  • Spraying waterproofing, acyrlic stucco, elastomeric coatings (1/8” or less of build-up).
  • The accessory compressor delivers high volume output with low pressure.
  • This ensures complete and even material application when spraying.
  • Compressor is needed to allow for spraying of materials.
  • Separate cooling of the electric motor and compressor allows for continuous duty and a long life.
  • One piece compressor motor crankshaft produces maximum mechanical performance effortlessly .
  • 100% Imer production. Made in Italy.
Technical Data
  • Power 1 HP
  • Flow rate 9 CF/m
  • Maximum pressure 60 PSI
  • Heavy Duty service 110 V

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