Imer Small 50 Light Materials Spray gun kit
  • Used for spraying of thinner coats such as acrylic stucco and coatings.
  • Nozzle comes with different orifice sizes and when used without the compressor, makes a great tool for pointing, filling in cracks and joints in between stone walls.
Composed of:
  • Spray gun, 1 set of deflectors Ø3/16"-Ø1/4"-Ø3/8"-Ø1/2" high strength stainless, 1 deflector with hose connector Ø11/16" stainless / brass 2 pcs 50 ft. hose Ø 1" with cam couplings Case with 1 nozzle cleaner and 1 sponge Ø 1-3/16"

    Note: Compressor required for this kit.

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