Imer Mortarman 120+ Mortar, Cement, Concrete Mixer

The Mortarman 120+ is a vertical shaft mixer intended for heavy-duty construction applications. The Mortarman 120+ is designed to mix a large range of wet and dry materials including mortar, plaster, cement, thin-set, adhesives, resins, coatings, paints, insulation, vibration-damping materials, and more. The cement mixer is highly mobile and can easily be rolled through standard doorways. The mixing action of the Mortarman 120+ is neat and controlled, allowing the user to mix indoors without making a mess. If material ever begins to separate or clump, the Mortarman 120+ features a convenient reverse switch that changes the mixing direction to ensure proper mixing of any material.

Mortarman 120+ Mixer Features

  • The 2hp 110V motor provides tremendous power to the oil bath gearbox.
  • Mix up a wheelbarrow full of mortar, stucco, grout, dry pack, floor leveler, refractory mud, or specially bagged material in just 3 minutes.
  • If the material being mixed starts to clump up or separate, just hit reverse for a few seconds, then back to forward to finish blending the batch.
  • The Mortarman 120+ can go nearly anywhere; it rolls right through standard doorways.
  • The mixing action is very well controlled, the mud stays in the drum. Mix indoors without creating a mess.
  • The support legs move up and down. Adjust them for mud pans, 5 gallon pails, or wheel-barrels.
  • The safety grate has bag splitters built into it, and when you lift the safety grate the mixer stops automatically.
  • Guide handles rotate up and allow you to easily roll the mixer almost anywhere.
  • The addition of another set of wheels mounted higher up on the frame allow you to easily slide it into your truck bed.
  • Controlled discharge of material, whether you need a trowel of material or a wheelbarrow full of mud.
  • Noise: 70 dB(A)
  • Max aggregate size: 3/8"
  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse.

Imer Mortarman 120+ Portable Mortar Mixer Specifications

Drum Capacity4.25 cu. ft.
Drum Diameter30 inch
Batch Output3 cu. ft.
Motor Rating2 hp / 15 amps/ 110 V
Paddle Speed38 RPM
Dimensions33" x 50" x 30"
Weight286 lbs.

Question & Answers

How much weight of material can the mixer handle? My batch's for sand bed are 200 lbs of sand 50 lbs 3/8" aggregate and 6 gallons of epoxy.

You are at about the limit of weight the machine can carry. It has a 15 amp, 120 Volt motor that can have some trouble moving such a heavy pack. You may want to get the larger Mortarman 360 Series Mixer. For a detailed explanation, please call Imer USA at 1-800-275-5643. Their tech team is very knowledgeable about the specs of their products.

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Great product

I have only got to use this mixer once. It seems that I'm going to be happy with the convenience, durability and reliability though. Seems strong hope my review proves me right.

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Expectations are surpassed by Imer

by - verified purchaser
Well built machine, the quality exceeded my expectations

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nice machine!

by - verified purchaser
This machine works great. Mixes nice, consistent drypack in less than 5 minutes. Does it relatively mess-free too. It's very sturdily built, making it rather heavy. So being that I'm a one-man operation I had to devise a system of getting it into my trailer and securing it. Getting the thing into a truck bed by one's self would be a challenge. Overall I'd definetly reccomend this machine to anyone that's tired of mixing drypack in a mud box.

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