Norton Clipper Cut-Off Saws

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Norton Clipper Cut-Off Saws

CP514-350i Norton Clipper 14" High Speed Cut-Off Saw

  • Patented iLube® automatically controls mixing of oil and fuel for maximum efficiency
  • Maximum Horsepower: 5.4 hp (4.0 kW)
  • Blade included
  • CE414-350 Norton Clipper Electric High-Speed Hand-Held Saw

  • Electric high-speed hand-held saw is the strongest in its class with a 4.2 HP motor for fast cutting
  • Stable Start feature reduces tripping of breakers making it the easiest to use in its class
  • Diamond blade included
  • 00510109845 Norton Clipper HSS Wheel Kit for High-Speed Saw

  • Reliable and durable wheel kit designed by Solo for Norton concrete cut-off saws
  • Makes moving the concrete saw round the job site a whole lot easier and more comfortable
  • CP514-350 Norton Clipper 14" Cut-Off Saw

  • The 3-step EASY start eliminates the hassle of a choke.
  • Engineered for high productivity and comfort.