Imer MS 350 Smart 14" Masonry Saw

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Product Details

Product Details

Imer MS 350 Smart 14" Masonry Saw

Brick cutter, paving stone or tile is a breeze on the Imer MS 350. It offers the biggest cutting table available for a 14" masonry saw. Get very accurate cuts up to 30" in length and 4-3/4" deep. The 2 HP motor provides plenty of power to cut any material.


  • Blade sold separately
  • Large stainless steel protractor
  • Cutting table surface is pressed board for rigidity and longevity
  • The rigid single arm design is very versatile
  • The new stand folds up and out of the way with a spring loaded assist. Your stand is always rock solid and ready to go!
  • Each 350 Smart arrives with a wheel-kit mounted in place and ready to go, moving the 350 Smart around the jobsite is quick n’ easy
  • Should your 350 Smart ever come out of alignment it is easy to adjust the cutting head, as it rides inside an alignment collar which can be adjusted left to right and up and down
  • Sharp, accurate cuts are always delivered pass after pass, year after year
  • The blade guard is lined with sound absorbing material used in the boat building industry, and this greatly reduces noise from the blade
  • The blade guard may be removed with just two thumb screws changing blades is fast and easy
  • The cutting tray rolls back and forth on ceramic nylon rollers with sealed bearings..this system is first class!
  • The cutting action is smooth and consistent, while one roller is mounted under the guide bar to ensure the cutting tray does not jump up and down, or fall off the saw and get left behind at the job-site!
  • The water pan is made of shatter resistant plastic and is protected by the frame of the saw
  • The pump resides in a protected sump pocket, thereby pumping the cleanest water possible
Imer MS350 Smart 14" Masonry Saw
Blade Diameter14 in
Arbor1 in
Max Length of Cut (w/ plunge)26 in (30 in)
Cutting Table Dimensions20 x 16 in
Cutting Surface Height33-1/2 in
Motor2 HP | 15 Amp | 120 V
Motor Speed2800 rpm
Dimensions28-1/2 x 47 x 55 in
Water Pan Capacity10 Gal
Weight (palletized)175 lbs (215 lbs)
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9/22/2016 12:30 pm

Imer 350

by Mosaic Masonry

My clipper shat the bed and I needed a reliable saw. Have had this imer for 3 weeks now and am quite pleased. She puuurs like a kitten. Very different from the clipper which screamed like a stuck pig. Two things which I've had to "modify". The stand is a bit difficult to set up and take down- I'm having to do this every day to keep it inside. I've made a rickshaw to set the saw in and now I can easily load it in and out of my trailer solo. The adjustable head comes quite stiff- nice in one way, but I needed the option to press in and out of stone quickly. Solved this by clamping on a vice grip to the handle. 8 inches of leverage is helping tremendously. Oh and also the water pump. It comes full time connected to the on off switch of the saw itself- nice for cutting inside. Unfortunately I'm cutting outside and in freezing weather. I had the pump disconnected at the switch (cost $60.00 can) and then cut the water hose off. Attached a quick connect for a hose and just use constant flowing water. Great saw.