3350 USG Durock Shower System Benches

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Manufacturer: USG Durock
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$61.99 to $78.80


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USG Durock Shower System Benches

In addition to the shower system kit, optional benches deliver added flexibility, enabling you to create a more customized, enjoyable shower experience.


  • Made from durable 3-pound density EPS (Expanded Polyesterene), USG creating a completely solid bench, offering superior strength
  • Because they're solid, these shower benches can be cut to virtually any shape or size to accommodate unique applications and job site conditions
  • The showers come pre-sloped to avoid any water buildup within your shower
  • Simple installation for all shower benches

Available Sizes

  • Rectangle Shower Bench (170137) - Bench Dimensions - 32" x 16" x 20" - 21 lbs
  • Square Shower Bench (170139) - Bench Dimensions - 16" x 16" x 20" - 12 lbs
  • Triangle Shower Bench (170138) - Bench Dimensions - 16" x 16" x 20" - 6 lbs
  • Quarter round Shower Bench (170109) - Bench Dimensions - 16" x 16" x 20" - 11 lbs

Questions & Answers (2)

12/19/2019 2:47:30 pm

Does the triangle seat come with the pre-fit corners? Do you mount it on the pan or to the sub floor?

This does not come with inside and outside corners. The shower benches will be installed onto your shower pan. Remember to waterproof the seams where the bench meets the walls and floor.

3/17/2020 10:28:54 am

Is it possible to install 3350 USG Durock Shower System Benches in an existing tiled shower?

Yes, you can technically install these benches into an existing shower although it is not the recommended method.  Please consult on local and national codes prior to installation. Dry fit the bench into the place you want it and mark the area where the bench will be installed.  Then mechanically abrade the existing tile (with a grinder or sandpaper) to create a binding surface for the adhesive. Clean the area of installation to remove any dust or debris. Apply the manufacturer recommended thinset / adhesive to the marked area and also key in and trowel the thinset to the sides and bottom of the bench. Now embed the bench firmly into the thinset in the marked area.  Remove any excess thinset from around the bench.  Apply the manufacturer recommended sealant / silicone to the seams of the bench and allow both thinset and sealant to cure.  Once cured the bench is ready for tiling.  Install the tile according to the TCNA guidelines.

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