Multiquip Cobra Dry Core Drilling Bits

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$63.40 to $209.47
$63.40 to $209.47

Product Details

Product Details

Multiquip Cobra II Dry Core Drilling Bits

Delivers exceptional hand-held drilling performance when the job can not or will not allow the use of water to cool the core bit. Unique design of the core barrel, and diamond segment matrix permits fast and accurate dry drilling operations.


  • All drill bits are sold individually. Bit sets are individual bits with a pilot bit included
  • 5/8"-11 Female thread, adapts to most "Chuck" Hand Drills 2,000 to 2,500 RPM
  • 10" drilling depth
  • Run with hand held core drill
  • For drilling cured concrete
  • Unique slotted, core barrel
  • COB2 bit set series includes pilot starter bit
  • No water needed; eliminates the mess associated with drilling wet
  • Uniquely engineered for DRY drilling into Cured Concrete and Hard Masonry Materials
  • No expensive core rigs
  • Incorporates a unique laser welded design that increase drilling speed and reduce both weight and heat
  • Fluted core barrels for quick material evacuation
  • Interchangeable spring loaded shank keeps bit from walking while starting the hole

Questions & Answers
4 questions

Can the pilot be removed on the Multiquip Cobra Dry Core Bits?

Yes the pilot bit can be removed in these Multiquip Cobra bits.

What does a "set" include?

The "set" includes a removable carbide, pilot bit and the diamond core bit.

What do I need to make the 3 1\2 inch cobra bit fit my Bosch drill?

It is dependent on the connection of the drill. These bits are a 5/8"-11 female thread. If the your drill is a 1/2" connection we offer chuck adapters that will adapt the drill to fit these bits.

Can I use this bit on a grinder that runs at 6500 RPM?

No, these bits have a max of 5000 RPM. You would not be able to use these at 6500 RPM.

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