RTC Spin Doctor Lippage System Caps

The Spin Doctor Tile leveling system features a patented free-spin design that allows the cap to spin down the spacer screw with minimal effort. This allows installers to tighten the cap with only one hand, which is especially useful for installing large format tile.

  • Threaded spacers/posts sold separately.
  • No Tool Required - Free spin the leveling cap down to the tile surface in seconds only using two fingers.
  • Turn cap as needed until all adjacent surfaces are flush.
  • Caps are reusable.
  • Shields are designed as an anti-friction, surface protection between your tile and the leveling cap.
  • Shields are made clear so you can see grout joint and any potential lippage.
How to install:
  • Place your tile in the desired position
  • Position the spacer posts to best suit the tile size and lay out. Spacers can be used in multiple configurations, such as a linear spacer, a "T" spacer or a four-corner spacer.
  • Make sure there is direct contact between the spacer and the tile with no mortar in between.
  • Place the threaded spacer post directly under each exposed edge of tile.
  • Place the rotating cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and spin the cap down to the tile surface.
  • Turn cap as needed until all adjacent surfaces are flush.
  • Once cured the Spin Doctor can be removed by kicking or use of a rubber mallet.
  • Caps are easy to clean and re-use!

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