Wedi Joint Sealant, 10.5 oz. cartridge

Permanently flexible, waterproof sealant and adhesive for joint treatment.

  • A continuous 1/2” bead of Wedi Joint Sealant is applied on the foam edges of a Wedi Building Panel before another panel is joined by butting tightly.
  • When installing Wedi building panels to metal stud ceiling framework, use Wedi Joint Sealant in addition to self tapping screws and washers.
  • Seams, protrusions or fastener points must be waterproofed using Wedi Joint Sealant.
  • Wedi Joint Sealant can be applied with a continuous 1/4“ bead while setting the panels in position (seams butted tightly) or after they are set and with the bead of sealant installed over the seam before it is spread flat using a putty knife.
  • Use Wedi joint sealant as a "wet shim" the parts are adhered to the wall using thinset mortar or Wedi Joint Sealant.

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