Wacker 2" suction & discharge hose for water & mild liquids
    Flexible Suction Hose
    • Lightweight PVC suction hose for industrial & construction use. It is also well suited to outdoor service.
    • It is more economical & much lighter than similar rubber hoses, & has a smooth bore.
    • 20ft hose
    Flexible Discharge Hose
    • Lay-flat PVC hose resists kinking & twisting.
    • Strong & economical, It is designed as a standard duty hose for water discharge in industrial & construction applications.
    • It rolls up flat for easy storage.
    • Reinforcement includes spiral plies & longitudinal synthetic cords for excellent burst resistance.
    • 50ft or 100ft length available
    Cam-lock fittings also known as cam & groove couplings
    • The hose needs a T-bolt clamp to attach to all couplings.
    • Clamp, 2-3/8" T-bolt - Hose clamp is used for securing both male & female threaded connectors as well as quick disconnectors onto 2-inch diameter suction & discharge hoses. Accessory: 0028698
    • Female Threaed Coupling, 50mm/2" - Female threaded NPT (Connects to Pump) with 2" hose barb (Connects to Hose) - Accessory: 0028507
    • Strainer 2" Hose Coupling - Male threaded stud for metal suction strainer with 2" hose barb to suction hose. Accessory: 0026918
    • Male Quick Disconnect - Female threaded NPT (Connects to Pump) with male quick disconnect coupling. Use with female quick disconnect. Accessory: 0051449
    • Female Quick Disconnect - 2" hose barb with female quick disconnect. Accessory: 0051452
    • Hose Quick Disconnect - Male quick disconnect with 2" hose barb. (Used to connect two hoses.) Use with female quick disconnect. Accessory: 0070339

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