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MVP45 Diamax Cyclone MVP Pneumatic Air Polisher

  • First pneumatic air polisher completely assembled by hand
  • 5 inch disc capacity
  • 5/8"-11 threaded attachment
  • 6508 Diamax Hurricane 4" Wet Polishing Pads RE Series

    $7.69 to $11.44
  • Best selling 3mm pad in our line up.
  • New 30 grit pad can be used as a substitute for carbide stones to remove deep scratches.
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    6509 Diamax Cyclone 4" Wet Polishing Pads, 3mm, R Series

    $8.54 to $12.89
  • Premium wet polishing disk for granite, marble and engineered stone.
  • Durable and high-performing against the top brands in the industry.
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    SCRG4 Diamax Cyclone 4" Super Cluster Grinder Wheel

  • Perfect tool for concrete surface preparation
  • For rapid removal of paint, glue or any residue left behind after ripping carpet or linoleum off concrete
  • Max RPM: 15,300 RPM, 5/8"-11 threaded
  • T108 Diamax Cyclone T108 Bits

    $57.86 to $112.86
  • For use on sink cut-out machines
  • New Super Cyclone screw on tip is taller and lasts longer for more cutouts with less glazing issues
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