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05RCS Racatac Chest Support

  • Chest Support, installations of any surfaces.
  • Will allow you to work in a supported leaning over position, while sitting and kneeling on the Racatac Roller Knee Pads.
  • 4776 Barwalt KN-1 & KN-3 Replacement Parts

    $4.49 to $9.53
  • Repl Liners (2pcs) for Barwalt Kneepads.
  • Repl Gum Rubber Straps (4pcs) for Barwalt Kneepads.
  • Repl Buttons (8pcs) for Barwalt Kneepads.
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    R10063 3" Caster Wheel for Racatac

  • 3" replacement wheel for Racatac roller knee pads
  • Sold individually.
  • R1006 2" Caster Wheel for Racatac

  • 2" replacement wheel for Racatac roller knee pads
  • R1005 Racatac Plastic Tool Tray

  • The Racatac Tool tray is really appreciated by all the people that use the Racatac.
  • They love having a place to keep their necessities right there rolling with them.
  • R1011 Racatac Complete Knee Pad Assembly (pair)

  • Replacement knee liners for Rac-a-tac
  • Eliminate discomfort from direct knee to floor pressure
  • Allows you to work in shorts without having to wear kneepads with straps.
  • 5781 Repl. Liners for Roller Knee Pads (Pair)

  • Original Replacement liners for Roller Knee Pads.
  • Comfortable 1/2" replacement pads for the Rolling Knee Pad.
  • Liners needs to be glued on.
  • R1001 Racatac Replacement Seat

  • R1001 Racatac Replacement Seat
  • Comfortable adjustable seat with springs.
  • Wide throughout but especially on the back; lots of padding; springs are built into the underside of the seat.
  • RCS06 Racatac 16 inch Post with Snap Button

  • R1002 16 inch Racatac Post with Snap Button.
  • R1002 Racatac 8" Post with Snap Button

  • R1002 8 inch Racatac Post with Snap Button.