Shine-X Triple Thick 4" Diamond Pads

  • Works extremely well on both marble and granite
  • Max Rpm 4000. Use wet only
  • Double thickness (4mm), last longer = increased stone production
  • Only resin disc on the market with a 50 grit that can take off sharp edges on granite
  • Self opening immediate polishing action = reduced diamond cost.
  • High flexibility easier for bullnosing and inside radii = high quality finish every time.
  • Use wet only!
  • The Shine-X™ brand disc is a flexible, high quality, long lasting and dependable disc that meets your high production and quality standards
  • 4mm thick self opening resin for fast diamond contact and flexibility
  • Advantages: Long lasting, fast polishing action, dependable and easy to use for bullnosing and inside radii
  • Benefits: Increased stone production, professional quality finish every time, reduced material cost

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