Edco Scarifier Accessories

Drum, Spacers, Cutters, and Shaft Sold Individually.

Carbide flail cutter replacement kits are designed for leveling, grinding, cleaning, grooving, milling, and general surface preparation with the Scarifier/Planer. Also great for removing pavement markings, epoxy, paint, and waterproofing membranes. Our premium quality tungsten carbide flail cutters last up to 30 times longer and remove up to 5 times faster than traditional steel scarifier cutters.

EDCO Scarifier Accessories

  • CPM-8 6 Shaft Drum
  • CPM-10 6 Shaft Drum
  • CPM-10 8 Shaft Drum
  • CPU-10FC 4 Shaft Drum
  • CPU-10FC 6 Shaft Drum
  • CPM-10 (6 Shaft) Shaft
  • CPM-10 (8 Shaft) Shaft
  • CPU10FC 11-3/8" Shaft for use on 10" Drum
  • CPU12 13-5/8" Shaft for use on 12" Drum
For use with Edco Scarifier.

***CPM-10 accessories are compatible with units produced after serial number 1116. Effective October, 2004 *** 

Pictured Assembled

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