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Chisels & Steel

9141 Dewalt 1-1/8" Hex Shank Steel

$19.85 to $79.99
  • Ring and notch retentions allow for use in electric and pneumatic hammers.
  • Bull Point, Flat chisel, 3" wide bit, 17" asphalt cutter, 1" ground round driver, 5"x20" clay spade, 6"x6" tamper plate, 15" tamper shank.
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    7590 Makita SDS-Max Carbide Drill Bit

    $53.99 to $65.99
  • Makita SDS-Max Drill Bits.
  • 4 cutters for reduced friction and rapid dust removal.
  • Constructed to reduce vibration and noise emissions.
  • Special impact-grade carbide.
  • Made of the highest quality chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel.
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    7398 Dewalt SDS-MAX 4 Cutter Drill Bits

    $39.99 to $135.99
  • DeWalt SDS-Max Drill Bits.
  • 4 Cutters for reduced friction and rapid dust removal.
  • Rock Carbide tip maximizes carbide surface contact.
  • 4 flute design, brings more debris out.
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    A-90582 Makita Rotary Hammer Grease 1 oz

  • A small amount on an SDS drill bit will extend the life of an SDS chuck.
  • A must for heavy duty users replace grease after 50 hrs.
  • Extends tool wear life and increases energy transfer to tool.
  • D25300D Dewalt Heavy-Duty Rotary Hammer Dust Extraction Filter

  • High efficiency filter for use with D25303, D25304, D25313, D25314, D25323, and D25324 hammers.
  • Built-in motor keeps performance high while drilling
  • 2-second power-off delay
  • Lightweight at only 3.3 lbs