P1GF1 SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float

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SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float

Platinum Grout Float. Solid Polyproxylene float contains a combination of soft material and a sharp edge leaves less grout behind, making clean-up faster and easier. Ergonomic offset handle for hard-to-reach areas.


  • Solid polyproxylene float will not separate or peel-apart
  • Offset handle for hard-to-reach areas
  • Specially designed handle gives comfort in either hand and it’s long enough to fit both hands
  • Offset handle means no reason for a second float to grout hard-to-reach areas
  • And now you can hang it on your bucket
  • Soft, sharp edge for fast, easy clean-up

Questions & Answers (1)

1/6/2018 4:27:33 pm

Wondering how big the metal backer is under the float itself. It looks like it could be resharpened on a belt sander a few times after the edged go dull. I've had to do this on other floats because they wear out so quickly. Anyone ever do this with other floats, or resharpen this one?

The entire float consists of polyproxylene. The float handle is embedded within the polyproxylene. No one, to our knowledge has attempted to "resharpen" the edge of this product.

Attempting to sand this material may be futile. We would not recommend it.

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Powerful Grout Float


Great float. This has been my go to float for floors first, and most of the time on showers. It really pushes the grout into the joints. You can feel the power compared to the other floats. If there is anything that I would change about this float, is I would make the handle a little bit thinner. It is kind of thick for my smaller hands. Other than that, its great. Built solid. Worth the asking price, as it will last a very long time. Hope this helps.

grout float


these are one of the best grout floats on the market. !!!!! they are hard to find, exspensive when you do find them, take care of them, as always all the good tools are hard to find anymore, they have to make room for the crap.

give them your money!


I've used it a few times now and still works great. no signs of wear.

Platinum grout float


This is the best grout float I have used in 31 years of tile work. On my second one and never had any issues. Keep it clean and it lasts a long time.

Great float but heavy


This has been the best float I have ever used but after a year of use I start to develop pain in my forearm. Tile work is by nature tuff on arms but in 20 years I had not experienced this before. I finally realized it was the float. The heavy aluminum cast handle is great for moving thick grout but puts excessive rotational strain on the forearm.

Got to buy this float!


This is a great float! I am using less grout and cleaning is so much easier... handle is a bit heavy but I could use the exercise.

Best Grout float I ever used


The SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float is the best grout float you will ever buy! I use it on every job and different types of grout. I've had the last the last one for over 1 year and still going strong.

Best float


Did over 30 showers at some an apartment complex, and we were burning through a decent amount of grout floats. This float has been holding up and I will only replace it with a new one only when the edges wear so far the edges are holding, unbelievable.

Grout float

by -

Highly recommend this !! It leaves very little residue so cleaning up is very easy. Every tile installer needs one of these or any DIYers . Very satisfied with this product.

Grout float


Best float ever.
Just stop looking and buy this one.
Keep it clean and out of heat of enclosed trailer.
One lasted at least 20 residential jobs.
Did it pay for itself? Absolutely.

Best float out there


Comfortable, applies grout great, cleans great, no need for toe kick float. I have been doing tile commercially for 17 years and this is my favorite by far.

Amazing Float


Hands down the best float I've ever used. Cuts excess grout off extremely well, and with the shape makes getting under toekicks easy. Purchasing my second one today only because it got bent at the tile store when they loaded a pallet. I would have had to replace a normal float by now, but this one was in excellent condition still.