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GV5MPPD Alpha 5" Backer Pad for Makita GV-5000 & GV-5010, M8-1.25 Male

3 Reviews
Alpha Tools

Product Details

Product Details

Alpha 5" Backer Pad for Makita GV-5000 & GV-5010

The Makita GV5000 & GV5010 Sander has become one of the preferred tools for marble polishing applications. However, its backer pad required the use of messy glues and adhesives. This 5" backer pad from Alpha Tools is designed to fit on the GV5000’s unique spindle and attachment configuration.


  • Fits the Makita GV5000 & GV5010 disc sander
  • M8-1.25 Male thread
  • Hook and Loop backer pad for attaching sand paper, or felt wheels
  • Ideal for bull-nosed edges and flat surfaces
  • Marble fabricators and tile contractors can now utilize hook and loop backed products such as Sandpaper and Felt Wheels on their GV5000 polisher with excellent results
  • Provides just the right amount of flexibility to successfully polish curved areas yet remains rigid enough to polish flat surfaces
  • Will accept other types of hook and loop backed products, thus making this tool a truly versatile machine that can be used for stone, tile, metal, wood and glass
  • If you own or plan on owning a Makita GV5000 Sander, the Alpha® GV Backer Pad is for you

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Hook and Loop is the way to go

by Bobby -

There is nothing quicker and easier to reload

10/11/2015 10:11 am

It Works

by Jack

Easy to install. H & L is fastest way for extended use where several changes are required. Composition of pad makes control and finished result more satisfying.

2/9/2017 8:11 am


by ShawnB

product arrived damaged. Had a big gash in middle of pad. Also, the hooks DO NOT stick well to the Velcro of various brands of sanding pads. Waste of money!